All-school Assembly is back The best time of year for LT students

By Grace Kulat, Photographer/Reporter

The lights were out and every single phone flashlight was on while LT students cheered on the Special Olympics basketball team as they entered the Vaughan gym ready to play an eventful game to wrap up the 18th annual All-school Assembly.

Most students at LT were looking forward to this year’s All-school Assembly because last year’s assembly was canceled due to security concerns.

“I think that the end of the school year last year felt off because we didn’t have the all school,” Student council president Pilar Valdes '19 said

Poms preform, top left. Cheerleader Emily Panosh stands on top of the human pyramid, bottom left. William Lanspeary dunked, bottom middle. Dr. Brian Waterman dunked by Athletes Committed to Excellence, Right. (Breen/LION)

When students walked in the room on Friday, Feb. 8, they could feel the school spirit in the Vaughan gym. All four grades were in attendance and everyone was excited for the show.

This year's assembly began with performers from Aloft Circus Arts showcasing their acrobatic skills while taking volunteers from the crowd to aid with their performances.The aerialist, who did acrobatics from the ceiling, had the whole crowd in awe.

Jack Riordan and Jimmy Riordan join Joe Manio to announce the return of King of Hearts Dance (Breen/LION)

The return of the King of Hearts dance (K.O.H.) was announced by Jack Riordan ‘19 and Jimmy Riordan '19 who helped Kathleen Duffy ‘20 ask Sam McGahay ‘20 to the dance.

Everyone's favorite act, The Steppers, came back with an energizing and interactive number that got the whole crowd involved.

“You could tell that everyone was really excited to be there,” Valdes said.

Top left: Mary Okkema limbos with LION. Top right: The LT Weirdos hype up the crowd. Bottom left: Senior boys kick it. Bottom right: Steppers get into it. (Breen/LION)

The LTHS Weirdos helped keep the assembly loud and exciting the whole time. They helped lead chants such as the classic LTHS chant and helped the school get excited for the boys basketball game against Hinsdale Central that night.

Poms and Eurythmics performed dances to many popular songs and had the crowd amazed.

In addition to all of the acts, Assistant Principal Kris Costopoulos was honored during the assembly for her work in creating the All-school assembly.

“I don’t think that the assembly could have gone better, LT truly embraces school spirit and togetherness,” Valdes said.

Assistant Principal Kris Costopoulos is embraced by a student. 19 years ago, Costopoulos created the All-school Assembly. This year, she is poised to retire. (Breen/LION)

Published on Feb. 11, 2019 at 3:01 PM.



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