Georges Seurat painted the A Sunday Afternoon on the island on la grande Jatte in 1859-1891.

i chose the painting because it shows peacefulness on a Sunday afternoon and it has a lot of color.

the subject matter of the painting is on the wealthy living of the Parisian back then in the 1800

he hoped to show his pointillism technique to the people.

Describe it.

What kinds of things do you see in this painting? What else do you see? - a beach, and it has very calming warm colors.

How would you describe the lines in this picture? The shapes? The colors? What does this painting show?-The lines are moving, the shapes are rectangle and a semicircle. The colors are warm and cool, there is no use of neutral colors in my sunset

How would you describe (the place depicted in) this painting? -The place is in Mexico, a very calm beach.

II. Relate it.

What does this painting remind you of?•This painting reminds me of the times i spend my valuable time with my family at the beach.

How is this picture different from real life?•The picture shows a whole lot of mixed feelings.

What interests you most about this work of art?I’m interested in all of the movements in the painting.

III. Analyze it.

Which objects seems closer to you? Further away? -The objects that are far away are small islands and the clouds that are in the distance.

What can you tell me about the colors in this painting?•The colors show a bit of movement in the water.

What color is used the most in this painting?•The colors i used the most was warm colors because that was the color of the sky

IV. Interpret it.

What title would you give to this painting? What made you decide on that title?• I think i would be called the calm land because once you enter the land you are in a soothing trance.

What sounds would this painting make (if it could)?• I think the sound would be calmingly windy.

Pretend you are inside this painting. What does it feel like?•The feeling would be very warm which is the best feeling in the world.

V. Evaluate it.

What do you think is good about this painting? What is not so good? •I think the texture and the colors are good but the details are a bit off.

Why do you think other people should see this work of art? •I think people should see this painting when they are feeling a bit angry to soothe their feelings.

What do you think is worth remembering about this painting?

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