Future is Near By: Mikaela saenz aPRIL 7,2017

Future-the time or a period of time following the moment of speaking or writing; time regarded as still to come.

Time is short, so spend it while you have it in your hands. School is 16 or more years spent to learn how to live for yourself in the future. The rest of your life is for you to find and follow your path.
What is your future career? I want to be a vet and help the helpless such as animals. Even if it's not the best pay or job I could have but, there are not many vets out there. Will you do something this wonderful in your life, and in the path you take?
There will always be someone there to help you stay along your path, someone who can be with you on your journey and take your time. People believe that time is a ticking bomb but its actually a ticking bomb of hard times. Life isn't easy like most people think it is. All time is, is just life turning to the next page.
Credits to Spark for their photos, themes. Credits to word documents for past saved info that has been put into it. Credits to youtube for their wonderful music.


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