Journey alongside leading insect scientists and Coyote Peterson to explore painful stings and the fascinating science of ​the unseen lives ​that surround you.

Insecta reveals our curiosity about the natural world and inspires would-be scientists to pursue their dreams.

"Insects are the last animals you interact with on a daily basis -- without choosing to! What usually remains hidden to most people is that this group is also critical to Earth’s functioning."

-Cara Gibson, Entomologist

Insecta reveals our curiosity about the natural world and inspires would-be scientists to pursue their dreams.

This broadcast documentary and social media awareness campaign is the result of a collaboration between one of the top entomology departments in the nation and an Emmy® award winning filmmaking team at the University of Arizona.

This filmmaking team has an established track record of bringing films to national attention through American Public Television and PBS affiliate stations such as AZPM in Tucson, KVIE in Sacramento and others.

Philanthropy makes the project possible.

Your support will deepen this critical conversation about the beauty and importance of the natural world and the science we use to explore it. We have set the stage to leverage funds and rally a society of advocates to bring this message to millions of people in the Southwest and beyond.

Your organization has a unique opportunity to underwrite the online distribution of the documentary through online platforms such as Vimeo, YouTube and others.

Through our cross promotion partnerships with influencers such as Brave Wilderness (8.4 million subscribers and over 1.4 billion views), other important influencers, and advertising, we anticipate your underwriting credit will be seen by a huge, nationally-distributed audience.

One major underwriter opportunity - $20K - Credit on film, mentioned on website & social media

Other support opportunities - $1K+ - Mentioned on website & social media

Become an advocate.

To help spread this vital information, sign up at www.insectamovie.org and we’ll send you significant stats, impressive images, and captivating clips throughout the duration of the campaign. Use this inside view as a springboard to help us leverage social media to get the word out.

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Contact: Cara Gibson, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Practice, Director of Science Communications Department of Entomology, Forbes Building Room 410, 1140 E South Campus Drive, Tucson, Arizona 85721-0036

cgibson@email.arizona.edu | 520.891.6605

Created By
cara gibson


Black beetle head: John Sartin. Red beetle head: Cody Sheehy. Bees: Cody Sheehy. Moths: Cody Sheehy. Blacklighting: Cody Sheehy. Justin Schmidt & Jimmy Kimmel: Twitter. Cara Gibson: Linda Hitchcock. Wendy Moore: Rick Brusca. Girl with caterpillar: Bill Ross. Crowd: Bill Ross. Boy with beetle: Cara Gibson. Cody Sheehy working on Insecta: Cara Gibson. Cody Sheehy filming: Bill Ross. Ants: Cody Sheehy. Coyote Peterson on Brave Wilderness YouTube. Butterfly: Public Domain. Girl with caterpillar in outstretched hands: Bill Ross

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