Energy conversions by Ian #5 (BEWARE!!! boring stuff ahead) >=-)

Energy types There are 6 basic energy forms: heat, light, electrical, mechanical, chemical, and nuclear. They also bear 2 broad names: kinetic: moving energy, and potential :stored energy.. the types of potential energy is nuclear, chemical , and electric.types of kinetic energy are electrical, mechanical, light, heat ,etc.the end of types of energy.


energy conversions energy conversions are when energy transforms into a different kind of energy to fit a need or want.see the handy diagram below. Electrical energy can transform, or covert into almost any type of energy. for example, for a portable heater, electricity converts to heat. also, in a glow stick, when you crack it, the minisicule plastic barrier is broken and chemical energy converts to light energy. that is the end of energy conversions.

a handy diagram

our machine Our machine resembled a ski lift, but without chairs, we used a rubber band to hook the food to the pulleys.we would crank the cranky crank and the pulleys would spin and strings move, taking the food along with it. at the end, we would unhook the food so it could go to the food pantry. The energy conversions used were mechanical energy to crank the crank, and (maybe) elastic energy with the moving string, and movement energy with the moving food.

a ski lift- the inspiraton

DA RESULTS The results were: we were totally unprepared for the heavy food, because we had built a light box and sucsessfully practiced with it. however, the heavy box was a LOT heavier than the practice box. Ms Gahl took out some of the stuff inside, but it was still a bit heavy. we put it in the rubber band and the food box went halfway but then it fell.>=-(

our machine

Improvements for next time Our improvements for next time are use a shorter string, because the sagging string may have been a problem.Also, a sturdier structure beause when we tried, the whole thing deteriorated.( i mean it fell down.) I used a wordly wise word-deteriorate. finally, if we cant make a shorter string,we should put the pulleys further apart.the end of improvements.


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