XXVII Cudeca Cup 6th june 2021

Twenty two of twenty four tennis journalists forecast a win for Nadal over Djokovitch in Paris – and look what happened? Charged up for the task, but seemingly realistic, our voluntary fund raisers expected to struggle in their quest for a respectable financial result – and look what happened? Amazingly Captain Damien Murphy found himself announcing a total, yet to be finalised, but in the region of 11,500 euros, a new record for the Club/Resort. A substantial contribution to Cudeca’s “Join the Sunflower Effect” which campaign is to raise 185,000 euros “to maintain for one year a multidisciplinary Home Care team made up of a doctor, nurse, physchologist and social worker”.

The golf competition, organised by Director Robert Mitchell and his team, was the culmination of an enormous effort on the part of many to raise funds somehow, and our Captaincy felt that this exceptional achievement deserved a “newsletter” of its own rather than a faded memory report in July’s usual issue. So here it is, and let us start with the participants, of which there were 52, and winners, before we turn to the story telling.

Other winners included Floris Berkhout (guest) and Verena Haas who were Nearest the Pin on the 14th. Male and female respectively.

Loraine Murphy and Paul Robinson NtP on the 16th

Bob de Boef and Svetlana Kripaytite for the Longest Drives

(ED. Rather surprisingly diminuitive Maddie Brookes was first announced as outright winner of the driving competition but there was an almost immediate protest. An accusation of having used an illegal club. Captain Damien intervened and asked her to produce the offending weapon. Which she did, to much laugher and some applause. Maddie was more than happy to give a brief demonstration of her swing before returning to her table having enjoyed the joke.

GOLFING star of the day though was our very own Rain Goddess (semi retired) Pauline Hilliard, whose photograph unfortunately doesn’t do her performance justice. Blame the camera men and sun position.


"Sunday June 6th saw the running of the 27th Cudeca Cup with all proceeds going to the Hospice Charity Cudeca which does fantastic work with patients and families facing end-of-life care. The competition was open to all, but La Cala members comprised the majority of the large field.

A shotgun start was addressed by Robert Mitchell, organizer for La Cala Resort, before being sent out to do battle in the individual stableford format. All the yellow, blue and red tees were sponsored by 54 very generous donations.


Damien Murphy Junior was on hand at the par three 16th where participants were invited, for a small fee, to attempt to put their tee ball closer than the Professional, some with remarkable success!

For weeks in advance Marie Wilson had tickets on sale for the raffle to be held later in the day while the “Runners and Riders” betting during the Joan and Peter Stock tournament also contributed to the fund raising".

(ED. Later, having done her bit Marie sat at table checking her accounts whilst Kate Bradley darted about the auditorium toting a large carton, ten times bigger than necessary, inviting people to draw out a ticket. Her visits to the Whelan family table were frequent as prizes drifted in that direction. As they did to Jersey where our Treasurer, Caz Rosselli and husband Rob were virtually part of the whole proceedings and seemed not at all embarrassed by the number of wins they chalked up. Brian Farmer wasn’t with us either but will have been pleased to hear later that his raffle investment had paid off.)

"Both the weather and the America course were perfect for golf with scores to match from some.

At the end of play a barbecue lunch with refreshments was provided. To which end young Jamie and Jesús were busily involved.

(ED. Esther Ráez Martínez is from Cudeca and this was not her first time with us. She was given the microphone and spoke lovingly about the work that goes on in the charity and the current desperate need for financial support).

At this time Judi Lentelink went around with the proceeds of her “shrapnel” collection inviting participants to guess the weight and value of the coins. Those other Cudeca stalwarts June and Derek Steele, having worked wonders prior to the day, and been on parade from crack of dawn almost, cajoled a few more euros out of the assembly with a darts challenge.

Damien Murphy began the auction with more than 30 items ranging from four green fees including buggies on Aloha Golf which fetched E550, to a Rockefeller Centre size Christmas tree for a snip at E10, with golf lessons, Spa Treatments, many more green fees, cookery books, bakery items, as well as restaurant vouchers, La Cala Hotel and Sunset beach Club stays. The auction was conducted in a very lively and entertaining manner with much arm twisting and goading!

This was followed by the raffle for numerous items of clothing, bottles of wine etc. All donations to this great cause."

At last it was time for Robert to conduct the prize giving, the staff to clear up, and the organisers to follow up on those very generous auction winners.


(ED. Having written up this event for some years now it is highly probable that I have used the above expression before but it is hard to avoid. Few auctioneers have Damien Murphy’s charisma, the ‘gift of the gab’ to borrow an English expression, and the genuine feeling for his task or, perhaps not the task but the determination to earn as much as possible for the cause so close to his heart from its very birth. Always supported by wife Loraine who shares his enthusiasm and, this year, by Kate Bradley. Thinking quickly on your feet is a natural skill and came in profitably when two items led to drawn out bidding clashes.) (Back to Peter).

Damien in full flow.

Sponsor Fernando Rengel

As the auction heated up both Barry Curran and Paul Robinson went head to head in an attempt to win this prize of a ceramic protective coating for their cars which lasts a minimum of 6 months ! Our Auction master Damien Murphy pulled another rabbit out of his hat when he persuaded sponsor Fernando to provide 2 vouchers instead of 1 and ensured that both Barry and Paul won the contest and Cudeca benefited to the tune of 600€.

Sponsor Sol Casteran

Another auction battle took place for this family portrait session kindly donated by photographer Sol Casteran.

The lucky winner was Barry Curran who is looking forward to being reunited with his family following lockdown as soon as travel is permitted.

This portrait session will be great fun and as all the photos taken will be presented in digital format will provide great memories for the future.

(ED. Item 14 on the auction list is also worthy of special mention, it being artwork donated by the family of artist Helga Dietrich who died in 2019. All her works were left to the family on the understanding that it was used to raise funds for charity. Cudeca benefited to the tune of 350 euros and the chosen work is already pride of place in Martin and Deirdre Whelen’s home.

(ED. Guests of our Captains were Kevin Moran and his wife Eleanor. Many soccer lovers will remember Kevin for his years as Manchester United’s centre half, a rugged defender for club and country).

Loraine Murphy, Inma Bladen ( Los Arqueros), Marie Wilson, (Guest) Eleanor Moran.
(Guest) Kevin Morán, Damien Murphy, Pat Reíd, Barry Curran.
Beat the Pro - Hole 16 Damien Murphy and Loraine Murphy.



It is only fitting that the final word should come from the deserving recipients so we are more than happy to hand the keyboard over to them. This may not be exactly what appears in their home publication but it is close enough to be meaningful. The arithmetic has to be finalised but, give or take some late adjustments, as yet not available, it was a great performance by all involved.

"On Sunday 6th June, La Cala Resort had a very special date with the Cudeca Foundation, adding another year to the trajectory of one of the most important events from the point of view of solidarity. The event multiplied the fundraising expectations, doubling the target that had been set, being able to raise more than 11,000€ to continue with their special kind of caring. This has been a tough year for all involved.

Robert Mitchel, Director of Golf at La Cala, wanted to give special recognition to all members for their efforts in participating in this charity tournament for the Cudeca Foundation palliative care cause and a very warm mention to the members who connected via internet to the auction, which was streamed live on the Google Hangout communications platform.

Damien Murphy, this years Captain and long term friend of Cudeca, being instrumental in setting up the original Cudeca Cup, he dedicated some words of gratitude to the work of the Foundation with great feeling and emotion and, from the Cudeca Foundation, we extend our affectionate embrace to him and to the organisation, as well as to the club and all the people who, in some way, make this tournament possible and who have made it such a great success.

We are deeply moved and grateful for the effort that we always see implicit in the celebration of this tournament that, year after year and despite the vicissitudes, the members of this club keep in their hearts. Thanks to events like this we can continue to care for many people who need us at the end of life. Thank you for helping us to continue our special way of caring"

said Esther Ráez Martínez, Cudeca´s Communication and Fundraising Manager, with great emotion in her words.


“A big THANK YOU goes out to all who were able to play and take part in the action... it was a very busy day but so worth it !

Damien did an amazing job and thanks to everyone who took part in the auction by being at the club, virtually logging in ( Rob & Caz from England, Julie from Jersey, Karin from Monaco) or via What’s App (Adrian & Barbara, Martin & Corinna, Erling & Marta), plus those who emailed and messaged it showed that no matter where you are you can always stay connected ! Thank you.

Just in the auction we raised over 5,000 €. We still have to total up the proceeds from the tee sponsorship, car park raffle, raffle tickets, beat the pro, nearest the pin board, shrapnel collection and sunflower sales & donations but we are able to announce that we had broken the 11,000 € barrier!

A big CONGRATULATIONS and THANK YOU goes out from all the committee and helpers - you are amazing!"