Favorite Websites to Save Time and Stay Organized Amanda Shaw

Level It Books is a new website to me, but after learning about it, I am anxious to give it a shot! It allows you to scan a book's ISBN to instantly generate the Lexile, guided reading level, grade level equivalent and DRA level for the book. This would be beneficial to so many classroom teachers that would like to level their own, personal books into a systematic classroom library. I also want to share this website with my students' parents since they often ask what appropriate leveled books are for their child. I could simply tell the parent the child's Lexile or guided reading level to steer the parent in the right direction using this website!

The next amazing website that I would like to share is Go Noodle. I'm not sure what teachers did before this website came out! I use it every day with my students in order to get the "wiggles" out. The website is filled with short videos that allow students to sing, dance, run along with athletes or even calm down with breathing activities. After 10 brain breaks, your monster character is upgraded and every so often you can pick a new one. One of my coworkers allows her students the chance to pick out a specific brain break for the class as a reward. So far, I have only picked out Brain Breaks based on the student's energy level.

Another great time saving website is Sign Up Genius. The options for this website are endless. It is exactly what it sounds like, a genius way to get people to signup for any sort of an event. It is user friendly and allows you to sign up for an event via an e-mail link. This is a great software tool that I would highly recommend for any sign ups with a large number of people.

The last time saving website that I would like to share is called Remind. This is a free text messaging app allows you to safely and effectively communicate to a large group of people. Teachers can use it to "remind" students about assignments or tests, send links, attach pictures and so much more. The downfall is similar to Twitter, you can only have a certain amount characters in your post. However, I think this is a great app to use with students and/ or parents in order to send quick reminders rather than send an e-mail.


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