A Deliberate Act of Kindness Canada Pavilion at WDW

In 2012, my daughter, husband and I were in the Canada Pavilion eating at the Le Cellier restaurant in Walt Disney World Epcot park. It's our favorite restaurant of all.

My daughter and husband ordered a glass of Riesling red wine. They sat across from me, and when our steaks came, we settled down to eat...where my daughter prmptly reached for her glass, missed, and dumped her entire glass of wine forward. And my steak and I just happened to be in the way! Long story short, my plate sat rim high with red wine and the shirt above was covered in it as well as my jean shorts.

Those who work at WDW in the countries around the World Showcase all come from that country. The lovely waitress asked me if I would like another steak. She felt so sorry for me, but we all still had a good laugh about it - even though I smelled like I had just come from swimming in a winery barrel. But I was too embarrassed to say yes, and since it wasn't their fault, I declined. So I ate my wine with a little bit of steak, which was not bad! When we were finished, the waitress handed me a slip of paper. It was for a free shirt at their shop which was above the restaurant. I almost cried because it was so kind!

Leaving my family behind after thanking the staff for their kindness, I made it back to the hotel, setting my doomed shirt into the tub to soak, cleaned off the wine, changed clothes, and I was back in the park within the hour. We enjoyed the rest of the day. The day before we left, I finally made it back to the shop, and chose my shirt.

When we returned home, a few days later, I received a note from the Canad Pavilion stating they were sending me a surprise! A couple days later, I opened the door to get the surprise. I don't know HOW they knew, but inside, I found a six-pack of my FAVORITE Ginger Ale!

I was soooo touched by these 2 simple kind jestures, I wrote a letter thanking them! With all the complaining in the world, this one act of deliberate kindness only made a great friend of the Canadian people. They didn't need to do any of this, but a great act of kindness should never go unacknowledged. So a huge THANK YOU to the Staff of Le Cellier in #WDW! From your friend forever,



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