7 Continents & 5 Oceans 2.5 a) locating the equator, the seven continents, and the five oceans on maps and globes;


Today we are going to be learning about the 7 continents and the 5 oceans. Make sure you have your assignment sheet in front of you so that you can follow along with the lesson.

What is a continent??? A large body of land on the Earth

Can you name the continent that you live on? Can you list any other continents?

Now watch the video and fill in your worksheet provided


Now that you have learned what the 7 continents & 5 oceans are now you will make your very own globe model. First I want you to use the picture below to help you fill in your continents and oceans map

Worksheet you will fill out using the map below
Map of the Continents & Oceans


Now it is time to make your very own paper plate globe!!! You will each get a paper plate and paint it blue for OCEAN. While your plate it drying you will cut out and color your 7 continents and cut out your ocean names.

Continent cut out page

Once your plate is dry. Lay your continents out on the plate in the right place once you feel confident (hint: as a neighbor to check your plate) you may glue down your continents and oceans to your plate.


Once you're finished with your plate, turn it into the teacher. The plate assignment with be graded for accuracy + completion.


Today we have learned that there are 7 Continents which are: Africa, Antarctica, Australia, Europe, North America and South America.

We also have learned there are five oceans: Pacific ocean, Atlantic ocean, Indian ocean, South ocean, Arctic ocean.


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