The Thing Itself American bully

"But you still have not told me in which direction to point the camera." -Ralph Steiner

The world is filled with many different subjects that a photographer or any person can photograph. The process of selecting my subject started with a long list of items that I had to narrow down to one lucky subject. I begin eliminating subjects that I wouldn't have easy access to photograph then I eliminated the subjects that I wouldn't have much to discuss. At the end of the elimination process, I was left with the subject: American Bully.

"What are you really interested in?"

My favorite animals are dogs so creating the images was very interesting. Many people are intimidated by big, buff, aggressive-looking dogs. My main focus was to capture moments that are interesting to me and that would try to convince others that an American Bully is capable of being a family friendly dog.

Why did you get an American Bully?

Before I had researched the American Bully Dog breed information, I was very nervous about buying one. I was afraid that the dog might be too rough with my one and four year old daughters, at the time. I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to handle the dog due to his known strengths. During that time, the girl's dad was working nights and I wanted an indoor family pet that would be good with children and would protect us. After doing my research, we finally purchased a 3 month old American Bully. His name is Tyson and we are very proud of the discussion we've made.

American Bully Breed Information

The American Bully was established in the mid-1900s. This dog breed is a mix of UKC American Pit Bull Terrier and the AKC American and the UKC American Staffordshire Terrier. Their weight can range from 70-120 pounds depending on what category- pocket size, standard, extra-large, extreme, and classic size. Although these dogs may seem heavy in weight, they have a history of being very gentle and loving dogs. These dogs are definitely a man's best-friend as they are known for their loyalty of pleasing its master. With their high tolerance for pain they are sure to protect their loved ones. These are very happy dogs with lots of energy and high tolerance with children.

Tyson enjoys taking the girl's toys so the girls can chase him around the house.

These dogs prefer warm climate environments as their living conditions. Living in an apartment will be suitable for these dogs as long as they get their exercise regularly. Their life expectancy is about 8-12 years. It is recommended that American Bullies have regular exercise to relieve mental and physical energy. It is also important to know if the Bully breeder you are purchasing from is giving their dogs steroids as this can affect the dog's body weight.

Cost Saving Facts

These dogs have short hair so grooming only consist of brushing and bathing.

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