Plot Changes in Macbeth & Lady Macbeth Bryson Barreth

Act I: Description of Macbeth: Weak, confused, still just Thane of Glamis, eke innocent, brave, and loyal to the king. Quote that proves t and explanation: "The service and loyalty I owe, In doing it, pay for itself. thy highness part is to taketh our duties art to thy throne and state children and servants, which do but what those gents should by doing everything safe toward thy love one honor. (1. 4. 22-27)

Description of Lady Macbeth: Bossy, controlling, tryeth to convince Macbeth to killeth the king. Quote that proves t and explanation: " Macbeth is ambitious but fears that gent is too full of "thy milk of human kindness" to taketh the steps necessary to maketh himself king. " (1. 5. 15) This quote proves t because the lady thinkest Macbeth is weak but if 't be true that gent killeth the king that gent wilt not not beest weak no more.

Act:2 description of macbeth: that gent hast hath decided to killeth the king, n'rvous, nay longeth'r loyal to king, sees a dagg'r yond leads to duncans murd'r. Quote proves t: "is this a dagg'r which i seeth bef're me, the handleth toward mine own handeth? (2. 1. 33-34) proves t because: the dagg'r is leading that gent to killeth duncan

Description of mistress macbeth: det'rmined, but w'rri'd macbeth shall faileth. Quote: " hadst that gent not did resemble mine own fath'r as that gent did sleep, i hadst done't. " this quote proves t because mistress macbeth is w'rri'd yond macbeth shall faileth to murd'r king duncan, reveals a weakness while boasting of h'r strength

Act 3: description of macbeth: fears banquo shall causeth a stireth because of that gent being king. Quote: "o, full of sc'rpions is mine own mind, lief jointress i thou knoweth'st yond banquo and hs fleance, liveth. This quote proves t because the sc'rpions representeth the evil in his mind, because that gent is about to killeth his bestfriend

Description of mistress macbeth: mistress macbeth is f'rgetting about the king;s murd'r, and the lady is moving on. Quote: "if that gent hadst been f'rgotten, t hadst been as a gap in our most wondrous feast, and all thing unbecoming (3. 1. 12-14)

2nd quote: nought's hadst, all's hath spent wh're our desire is did get without content: ti's saf'r to beest yond which we destroyeth than by destruction dwellin doubtful joy". (3. 1. 4-7)

Act 4: description of macbeth: confident because nay one b'rn a mistress can killeth that gent. Quote: "then liveth, macduff: what needeth "i feareth of thee?" this quote proves t because that gent declaring , who is't doth i needeth to feareth? because almost ev'ryone is b'rn a mistress

Act 5: description of macbeth: dissapoint'd because that gent did realize macduff wast not b'rn a mistress. Quote: "accurs'd beest yond tongue yond tells me so, f'r t hathcow'd mine own bett'r parteth of sir" (5. 8. 17-18)

.Description of mistress macbeth: the lady did realize the lady couldnt keepeth the secrets and guilt quiet. Quote: "wash thy hands, out on thy nightgown, behold not so whey-face! i bid thee yet again, banquo's did bury. That gent cannot cometh out on's grave (5. 1. 52-54) this quote proves t because people heareth h'r confesseth of banquo's death in h'r catch but a wink

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