Hermes Inn Ba-daba-baba

Our hard working and loyal employees include: Hermes, Aphrodite, Brimo, Daeira and Hades. Hermes inn Is a place open to anyone and is popular among travelers and families.
Hermes Inn offers comfortable rooms and responsible room service. The rooms are equiped with Hermes apperal, a green Hermes chair, anything els Hermes could offer. Hermes understands most of the people who come through are hard workers. So all of the staff do their very best ensuring quality room service.
Hermes is god of trade so he wants all of his customers to have a grand entrance into the Hermes Inn


Created with images by gamene - "PCH trip" • kevingessner - "Hermes" • misterfarmer - "vienna pallas-athene fountain parliament" • blmurch - "Hermes storefront"

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