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Homework Assignment :: Introduction to Me

What is a personal brand for me?

What is a personal brand for me? This is my original way of presenting my personality, professional knowledge and skills, goals and opportunities and expressing my point of view. For me, the personal brand is also a strategy to attract and to be useful to my followers, students and clients. Personal brand is also a challenge, because the proper development of it become a sure way to professional success.

*** You can see the video password on my course assignments comment.

I wish success to all of you

Class 1 Homework Assignment

I liked this assignment, although I think the portfolio photo should be without much editing. Because the portfolio should reflect reality.

​I have edited a photo of my family member and have permission to use it in this course.

I publish my homework assignment and also the original picture.

Class 2 Homework Assignment

Well, each assignment with InDesign is a challenge for me and i still have a lot to learn. I make mistakes and i learn in the process of work, but it gives me enjoyment.

​.... And i would enjoy your criticism :)))

Class 3 Homework Assignment

The logo is the first, which is noticed. In my opinion, it must be both - simple and different.

​I used Adobe Illustrator to make my logo and then Adobe Photoshop to see how it looks like mock up.

I made two variants, of different shape and size.

Class 4 Homework Assignment

I like this ePortfolio assignment. I use few sites to share my design. But i am impressed by Spark. Scrolling portfolios is something new to me and I really enjoyed using it.

I used the Behance platform a long time ago, but with time other commitments prevented me.

Now I'm back there.

Behance Public Portfolio

Class 5 Homework Assignment

This assignment proved to be a difficulty because the Spark video software did not not work on my PC hardware. I find other way to make it. Despite the difficulties, this assignment was useful to me !

​Description ::

​John Doe is my student. He is a talented and creative designer. He needs a ePortfolio to succeed.

We discussed his ePortfolio - how to improve it .... By talking, i explained how important is to build his own Personal Brand. I challenge his ambition to be original and how important it`s to have a good professional ePortfolio, containing information about him and his work.

John Doe use a blog platform, containing : Home Page, Gallery Page, Blog Page, About me Page, Contact Page

The Home Page is simple and easy to navigate and have friendly text.

..... After our discussion, he added his own logo.

The Gallery Page is well organized. The content is categorized in order to give a good idea of his work.

... After our discussion, he added a good description to all projects.

The Blog Page is a place, where John publishes articles about his work and interests.

... After our discussion, he added feedbacks and testimonials.

The About me Page is a specific way for John to present himself.

... After our discussion, he added a short video in which he presented his professional skills.

... He added file with his CV to be easy for downloading and printing.

... He added links to his social network profiles.

The Contact Page contains a form for a quick e-mail connection

... After our discussion, he added a map.

​Conclusion and assessment :

​Good work, John ! Now your clients, guests and friends will have enough information about you and your work.

I wish you professional success !

Reflection - final element of the course

It was extremely helpful course for me.

The video instructions, readings, assignments, additional materials and links, comments and discussions - all this as an ensemble - were very useful.

I teach beginners graphic and web designers, programmers, coders and other freelancers. During the course, I realized that my approach to them is really correct. But incomplete.

This course gave me a new point of view, new ideas how to be much more useful for my students and clients.

I have learned a new way to stimulate their growth and creativity.

Now I know more about the importance of proper leadership and training. Even the small details in this course gave me very great guidelines. With excitement and pleasure i will share the new knowledge and skills I have gained.

I enjoyed with this course !

The course is completed successfully. I got a certificate and a badge.

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