Snapshots of Excellence September - October 2020

Returning to school in September 2020 was a very different experience than in previous years. A lot of work was done by administrative staff, educators and education workers to prepare the classrooms & learning experiences for students, implementing new health and safety protocols and supporting the safe return to school.

Top Left: Director John Howitt address staff at Indian Creek Road Public School. Top right: A staff member in the front office at Brooke Central Public School. Middle: Elementary teachers spend time learning new safety protocols. Bottom left: An LKDSB teacher prepares her classroom. Bottom right: Staff at Lakeroad Public School.
Left: Health and safety signage at Lakeroad Public School. Center: Queen Elizabeth II Public School - Sarnia; Right: Messages of respect, courage, inclusiveness and resilience on a staircase at Lakeroad Public School.

Staggered entry dates allowed students and staff to adjust and learn the new procedures and safety measures in place.

Left: Brooke Central Public School. Right: Riverview Central School

As September continued, students and staff to settled into the new routines and enjoy participating in school & learning activities.

Top Left: Brooke Central Public School; Top Center: Dresden Area Public School; Top Right: East Lambton Elementary School; Bottom Left: John McGregor Secondary School; Bottom Right: Thamesville Area Public School

Teachers have incorporated teaching techniques to enhance student learning both for learning and online virtual learning.

Left: P. E. McGibbon Public School; Center and Right: Virtual Learn at Home Elementary School

Student activities continue into October, such as Terry Fox Runs and Fire Safety Week.

Left: Gregory Drive Public School students participate in their Terry Fox Run. Right: Brooke Central Public School students learn about fire safety.

The LKDSB joined school boards across the province in commemorating Orange Shirt Day on September 30 to acknowledge and honour the survivors of residential schools, as well as the children and young people who never returned home.

Staff and students were encouraged to wear an orange shirt to promote learning and understanding about the residential school system and its impact on First Nations, Metis, and Inuit people in Canada.

Top Left: Confederation Central School; Top Right: Lansdowne Public School; Bottom Left: Virtual Learn at Home Elementary School; Bottom Right: Dresden Area Central School

On October 5, the LKDSB celebrated Staff & Volunteer Appreciation Day. Staff and volunteers work collaboratively to support safe and welcoming school environments for students to reach their full potential. Although the pandemic has changed the way volunteers are able to engage with schools, the LKDSB appreciates the ongoing and supportive role volunteers play in fostering positive and engaging school communities

Top left: Science Education Partnership volunteers; Top right: High Park Public School custodial staff; Bottom left: Indian Creek Road Public School; Bottom right: Board Office staff

Although there are many changes this year, we are proud of the efforts and dedication of our staff to supporting student achievement and well-being.

Left: Colonel Cameron Public School; Right: Merlin Area Public School