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The possibility to unfold my full potential and make use of my creative gifts in life has always been essential to me. This is a summary of the path I have walked so far to allow for this to happen. And I keep walking! In addition to what you find in this resume, I have also created logos, business cards, greeting cards and many other things on various occasions. In fact the local Inn where I grew up still have my illustration, made when I was 15, on their items in the restaurant.

Exhibition of paintings & drawings in "Gallery me" (2015)

Since early age I have been drawing and painting in my home studio. I have exhibited my work twice and plan to do more exhibitions in the future. I have studied Art & Fashion design in Trondheim Norway in the 90's.

Acrylic paintings & Marker drawing examples, see more examples on my webpage www.ArtByShe.dk
writing & book illustration

I am a passionate writer of especially short stories and poems. You can read some of my short stories on my webpage www.heidileonhard.dk (Danish).

I occasionally also make illustrations for my own stories or work with other authors on similar projects.

Recently I have started as text reviewer on a new Danish site: www.Tekstforum.dk (August 2016).

Illustrations inside book made by me
from Set-painting "the Hunch back of Notre dame" (2009)

At the age of thirteen (1986), I was "hired" to make my first poster. It was for "The three Musketeers", put up by the local theater where I grew up. This became a HUGE eyeopener for me. Until then, I had never realized that engaging in theater could offer so many exiting tasks for someone like me. It was the land of endless opportunities and the straight way to creative happiness - I mean, just have a look at the scales - this was the BIG canvas. Since then I have been working as scenographer, set painter, set designer and costume designer on many occasions both in amateur and professional relations.

2004 "snow white" poster, hats (freehand illustration)

Posters (Titles are listed in Danish):

Helle Amatør Teater Samvirkes Ungdomsafdeling (HATSU):

1994 - Over Broen

1995 – Dansen med den blå engel

1996 – Kun en leg

1999 – Romeo & Julie

2001 - Bøllebob

Helle Amatør Teater Samvirkes Voksenafdeling (HATS)

1994 – Aladdin

1995 – Syv Brude til Syv brødre

1995 – 20 Year Aniversary for HATS

1996 – Oliver Twist

1999 – Brødrene Løvehjerte

2000 – Skatteøen

2001 – Hamlet

2003 – Klokkeren fra Notre Dame

2004 – Snehvide

2005 – Honk

2008 - Grease

2009 "Sound of music" fredericia theater (background)

Set-design & Set-painting:

Helle Amatør Teater Samvirkes Ungdomsafdeling (HATSU)

1994 – Over Broen, Set-design & Set-painting

1995 - Dansen med den blå engel, Set-design & Set-painting

Helle Amatør Teater Samvirkes Voksenafdeling (HATS)

1994 – Aladdin, Set-design & Set-painting

1995 - Syv Brude til Syv brødre, Set Design & Set-painting

2003 – Klokkeren fra Notre Dame, Set-painting

2004 – Snehvide, Set Design & Set-painting

2005 – HONK!, Set-painting

2006 - Et jule Eventyr, Set-painting

2008 – Grease, Set-painting

Palsgaard Sommerspil:

2007 – Les Miserables, Set-painting

2009 – AIDA, Set-painting

Fredericia Teater:

2007 – Spillemand på en tagryg, Set-painting

2009 – Sound of music, Set-painting

Kolding Festspil:

2009 – Klokkeren fra Notre Dame, Set-design, Set-painting

2006 "les miserbles" costume design, palsgaard sommerspil

Costume Design:

Helle Amatør Teater Samvirkes Voksenafdeling (HATS):

2005 – HONK!

2008 – Grease

Palsgaard Sommerspil:

2006 – Les Miserables (approved by Machintosh in London – year of play 2007)

2009 – AIDA

2010 – Grease

2011 – Guys & Dolls

2011 – Miss Saigon (approved by Machintosh in London – year of play 2012)

Kolding Festspil:

2009: Klokkeren fra Notre Dame

Costume Designs made for "Les Miserables", Paalsgaard Sommerspil 2007


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