Looking Through the Nurse's Eyes The nurse's blog

Day 1: I am the Nurse of Juliet. I work for Lord and Lady Capulet. Today Lady Capulet and I had a long conversation with her daughter Juliet. I have cared for Juliet since she was a baby. I have been there for her when ever she needed me.

I will never forget the time when I was taking care of Juliet. As I was watching over her she fell. It was a nervous moment for me, but she was fine. Now Juliet is grown up, she is now 14 years old. During the conversation with Lady Capulet and Juliet the topic of marriage had popped out into discussion. I have taken care of Juliet ever since she was very little and now she is growing up talking about marriage, I'm very happy for her. This is how I am feeling right now...

I am very happy for her!

Day 2: Today was a very confusing and eventful day. We had a Capulet party, and in this party a Montague had attended the party. The Montague was Romeo. During this party I have been searching all around for Juliet. I could not find her. I have been looking every where for her.

After searching I finally found her. She was with the Montague Romeo! I saw her kissing him, I was thinking to myself how could Juliet be kissing a Montague? I broke them up immediately and told Juliet that her mother had been looking for her. This was a very weird day and confused me very much.

Very confusing!

Day 3: Some time has passed since I had last blogged. So let me catch you up a little bit. During the time I didn't blog I have found out that Juliet wants to marry Romeo. I am one of the only people that know that they want to be married. It has been very hectic!

So today Juliet sent me to go talk to Romeo about their plans for the wedding. When I finally found Romeo I hardly let him speak. I mainly did all of the talking just to make sure he had good intentions for Juliet. Even though I hardly let him talk he got his message across to me about their wedding plans.

Day 4: Today was not a good day, not a good day at all. I had found out that a fellow Capulet has been killed by Romeo, a Montague. It was a very depressing day. I had to somehow figure out how in the world I would tell Juliet about the news. I had to at least tell her that her cousin was killed by who is now her husband, Romeo.

So I had made my way back home to Juliet trying to tell her the news. I started rambling off all of the news. My mouth was just pouring out with all of the thought that I had in my mind. It was difficult for me to tell her this news, so I really didn't know exactly what I was saying it just blurted all out. But i ending up getting all the news out to her. I was very upset about Juliet's cousin, Tybalt's death.

It was a very sad and upsetting day.

Day 5: Now this time has come, Juliet's father now wanted her to marry Paris. After Lord Capulet was done talking and slightly yelling at her I was trying to talk sense into her. I was telling Juliet that it would be better for her to marry Paris. At first she did not agree with me. I kept trying to convince her that it was a good idea for her.

I was starting to grow impatient because she did not see where I was coming from. We sat there in her room having a long talk about why it was a good idea for her to marry Paris. I had finally gotten through to her. She finally saw it from my perspective and I was happy. This day finally turned around!

It was a good day!


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