Alby profile "if your not scared your not human"

Alby was the first in-command and leader of the glade and gladers
Alby was named after Albert Einstein

Albys Biography

Alby was first seen demanding the surrounding Gladers to be quiet after Thomas climbed out of the Box, causing Thomas to assume he was the leader of the group. He introduced himself to Thomas and informed him of his location in the Glade. As Thomas began to ask questions, Alby told him that he'd gradually get his answers and that he would give him the Tour of the Glade the next day. Thomas, nonetheless continued to ask questions, causing Alby to get angry with him. Alby proceeded to tell Thomas that he needed to accept his new life in the Glade. He reaffirmed that Thomas would get a tour of the Glade and left it to Newt to get him a bed and sleep before walking off. Alby was running in the maze in the morning. when he returned he was stung by a griever in the middle of the day which is very unusual similar with what happenedĀ to ben. Alby asked to talk with Thomas alone. while Alby was trying to give details and information from what he saw from being stung by a griever he started to have a seizure. in Albys perspective he said as if something was forcing him from giving information as if someone was controlling him

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