Hunting By:Jacob Whimtore

My topic is hunting and it is important to the global society. It is important because if people did not know how to hunt we would not be here. Way back when people had to hunt to get food and stay alive that is when hunting started and if they did not hunt they would die, because they do not have it like we do now where you can go to a store and buy what ever you want.

Threshold 3 It started about 2 million years ago. We see big shifts in the human fossil record of increase in brain size, increase in body size and hominids leaving Africa for Eurasia. We use energy today to use firearms.

I am going to show you how hunting connects to Threshold 5. Threshold 5 is life on Earth. Hunting keeps animals population down. If humans did not hunt then animals would be overpopulated and they would die from starvation. With animal population low, it keeps plant population up.

I am going to show you how hunting connects to Threshold 6. Threshold 6 is collective learning and collective learning is the ability to share, preserve, and build upon ideas over time. If humans did not know how to collectively learn then we would not know how to hunt.

I am going to show you how hunting connects to Threshold 7. Threshold 7 is Agriculture. Hunting makes animals population low, so then farmers can grow crops without animals eating it all. Farmers would have troubles growing crops if hunters did not keep the animal population low, there would be a lot of with a bunch of animals eating it.


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