The Harn Kaylee Range

Medium of the Art

I thoroughly enjoyed this piece of art. I would say it was my favorite in the museum. It is the Tiergarten, Berlin, July 1 by Rineke Dijkstra. She mainly practices in straight portrait photography. I have seen many photographs, professional photographs at that, but by seeing this in person I can imagine that I was taking the picture, and posing the model. The reason I chose this piece is because it reminded me of all the coming of age books and movies we were required to analyze in high school. It reminded me of conversations I've had with past educators, and of my own coming of age story. It was a very nostalgic piece for me.

Design of the Museum

My favorite wing of the hospital was the ceramics wing. As soon as I walked in, it reminded me of my mom because ceramic art is her favorite. I also enjoyed how it opened in flooring from the smaller pottery to the much larger floor encompassing ceramics. In that same room with the larger art pieces, the museum had a large window that you could see the open garden outside. I could see parents playing with children which made the museum feel open to all ages. The space reminded me of home, and made me feel welcome.

Art and Core Values

This art piece is called the Excavation and was done by Boardman Robinson. One of my core values is hard work. It means a lot to me and I know it is what gets people where they need to go and accomplish their goals. In this piece, these men are hard workers. It is conveyed in their body position and their facial expressions. I am not a character in the piece, but it still brings me a sense of accomplishment. It reminds me of what hard work I have put into things, and what I have gotten from it.

Art and the Good Life

I personally really enjoy photographic pieces of art. This is a photograph taken by Sebastiso Saigado. It is called "A Thanksgiving prayer to the Mixe god Kioga in gratitude for the good harvest, Oaxaca, Mexico". As soon as I saw this picture I imagined that these men have the good life. To me, the good life is intense happiness. These men appear to have happiness. They are confident in their religion and who they are enough to pray to their god and feel the happiness the good life brings.


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