Macbeth By:Caiyla McDaniel

Macbeth and one of his best friends Banquel are solders. One day after a battle they were walking in in the woods and saw three ugly witches emerge from the fog.The three witches say to Macbeth that he will be the new king of Scotland.

Macbeth asks if this is true.( witches were Beveled to not always tell the truth). Macbeth is so excited that he wrote a letter to his wife telling her what the three witches said about him becoming the king of Scotland.

Lady Macbeth reads the letter and is happy that he got that news. Lady Macbeth says to her self"yes if he is the king than that means that i will be the queen".

King Duncan goes over to Macbeth's home for dinner and stays the night. While Duncan is asleep Lady Macbeth tells Macbeth to go and kill the king. Macbeth realy wants to be king but he is scared to kill Duncan because he is a good king.

Macbeth sees a knife in front of him he knows it is wrong.But he decides to kill Duncan anyways.

Macbeth killed king Duncan so badly that if anyone was to explain it to an elderly women that she would fall over and die.King Duncan is dead and Macbeth feels bad for killing him.

Macbeth friend banquo knows that he killed the king. Macbeth decides that banquo must die and orders his servant to kill him. Macbeth sees banquos ghost in front of him.

Macbeth runs to go see the witchs again. He asked them if he is in any danger. The witchs lie and tells him that he dose not need to worry that everything is going to be ok and Macbeth believes the witchs.

Lady Macbeth is now sleep walking and she feels terrible for what she has done.All the people of the village come to the castle and attack because they know that Macbeth had killed king Duncan.

Macbeth realizes that the three witches lied to him and the town kills Macbeth. Now the village has a good new king.

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