GIrls EMpowerment An opportunity to support the grumeti fund & Serengeti Girls Run

THE Grumeti fund is committed to empowering women and girls.

The Serengeti Girls Run is an endurance event bringing women from around the world together in support of tomorrow's African female leaders.

The combination of a major donor and the Serengeti Girls Run event will raise funds and awareness for local empowerment programs, impacting over 2,500 women and girls per year.

Rural Tanzania can be a difficult place for girls to grow up; cultural marginalization limits their career potential and their health is often compromised due to a lack of education and professional care. The Grumeti Fund works in more than 20 villages close to the protected area on development projects that include education, enterprise development, environmental awareness and empowerment programs designed to engage and uplift local girls.

“We are here to speak to girls and tell them you have the right to a good education and to stand firm. We want to inspire them, to give them power and energy.” Frida Mollel, Grumeti Fund Community Outreach Program Manager

The annual cost of the programs, run by the Grumeti Fund, to empower women and girls is $250,000 ($100 per woman or girl that we reach). Our aim is to bring in $125,000 through a donor / sponsor, which will be matched 1:1 by another $125,000 raised through the Serengeti Girls Run event.

From October 25th - 30th, 20 women from around the world will come together in support of over 2,500 girls and women. During their time at Grumeti they will engage (and run) with girls from the local community, followed by three consecutive half marathons across the wide open Serengeti plains.

"What the Grumeti Fund does is not only protect and conserve the land itself and the animals that are there, but the humanity that is there."

Lisanne Dorion, Serengeti Girls Run Participant + Donor, 2018

A 1:1 match of $125,000 (tax deductible for any US entity) between a donor and the Serengeti Girls Run will enable the Grumeti Fund to raise $250,000, covering the entire women and girls empowerment program for one year.

Becoming a match donor for the Grumeti Fund's Serengeti Girls Run and empowerment projects provides:

  • Two spaces on the Serengeti Girls Run (staying at Singita Sabora Tented Camp and inclusive of round trip flights from Kilimanjaro to Singita Grumeti)
  • A partnership with the Grumeti Fund
  • Marketing and PR around the impact made on over 2,500 women and girls in the Serengeti
  • Access to content (videos and photographs)
  • Co-branding of the Serengeti Girls Run
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