St Mary's College Newsletter TERM 3, 2020 - ISSUE 5

Our Mob Program at the Primary

NAIDOC Excursion to Simpson Beach.

NAIDOC Excursion to Simpson Beach - Having fun at making damper and eating juicy watermelon.

Ms Merrilee Lands - Our Mob Facilitator

EPIC Week for Years 4, 5 & 6

During Week 9 Year 5 students participated in EPIC WEEK! They got to experience eco-tours out on Roebuck Bay and Cable Beach with Broome Whale Watching, a visit to Town Beach Park and the Broome Museum, as well as surfing, a campfire dinner at school and many other fun activities. Thank you so much to all of the staff who assisted in making this big week happen, the kids were awesome and it was great to see them have some fun despite not being able to go on camp this year.

“I loved Epic Week I want to go back to it” - Andy Gibb

“My favourite part was seeing turtles on the big boat” - Jade McLarty

“Having a dance party on the boat was the best!” - Blake Gawel

“My favourite part was the museum and seeing the dinosaur footprints” - Janice Cassidy

Ms Jorja Harman - Teacher at Primary

Primary Interschool Carnival

In Term 3, St. Mary’s Primary attended early morning training sessions to get ready for the athletic carnival coming up. We have had a fantastic turnout to these training sessions, with about 25-35 students attending regularly. This dedication and commitment really paid off, as the athletes on the day started strongly, ran well, and displayed amazing techniques throughout the day – just a few of the things we had been working on at training. Our jumps got us to 1st place after the first day, a great place to be in lead up to the track day.

On Friday we got off to a great start on the day and were neck and neck with Broome Primary all morning. Some inspirational sprints in the latter stages of the carnivals helped put us cement second place but once again it would come down to the relays to decide the shield.

The teamwork, camaraderie, and the cheering from the sidelines gave us a late charge in the day but we were unable to come home with the shield. None-the-less still an astonishing effort from all students! The benefit of having the chance to train for the relays and fine tune our techniques at the early morning training sessions cannot be underestimated; the competitors should be extremely proud of the way they prepared for this carnival and it was fitting that all of their hard work paid off. Every single person in the team contributed and they should all be congratulated!

The early morning training sessions would not be possible without the help of Miss Janenell and Mr. John who get up early to supervise and also the staff and helpers who feed the hungry students a delicious breakfast afterwards. A massive congratulations to every member of this team for such a fantastic effort! Also, congratulations to all the students who also won medals for being champions in their age group.

Mr Jacob Windle - Teacher at Primary

Book Fair - Primary

This is a note to clarify what’s happening for Book Week and Book Fair Term 3. In weeks 1 & 2 the Library will host a Book Fair where students will look at the books in Week 1 and have the opportunity to buy in Week 2. Buying times are before and after school and lunchtime but not Library time. The Fair will run for Week 1 and Monday-Thursday of Week 2. Any help during selling times would be much appreciated.

Book Week will be celebrated in Week 3. Years 3-6 are booked in to the Public Library on Monday and Wednesday to hear author Kylie Howarth speak about her work. Some of her books are available to borrow if you wish to read them to your class before the visit.

The theme this year is’ Curious Creatures Wild Minds’. Activities based on the theme will happen each lunchtime in the Library and I have some great activities available if you wish to follow through with some in your classroom. It would be wonderful if every class could design a curious creature with details of its habitat, food preferences and habits and we could display them in the Library.

The big event of course is the Parade where we all dress up either as a book character or part of the theme. We usually have a staff theme and this year I think the general theme is a great one for this. Please give it some thought in the holidays and plan a costume of either a curious creature or a wild mind connected to books. See me if you need some ideas. The Parade will be on Friday October 30 and prizes awarded as usual to students for most creative costumes. Can you please encourage the students to plan a costume even if it is simply a mask to wear on the day? There will be more details as we go but please check in with me for some activities or ideas between now and Week 3.

Mrs Dianne Leitch - Library Manager - Primary

On Saturday 12th September , 18 of our Year 6 students celebrated the Sacrament of Confirmation at Our Lady Queen of Peace Cathedral. This was a beautiful celebration with our school, and parish community. Thanks to the families, teachers and parish priests for their work in supporting and preparing these young adults for this special occasion.

Mrs Keryn Moase - Assistant Principal of Primary
Open Day

St Mary’s Open afternoon took place on Tuesday the 15th September. The night started with a tour of our new facilities by our wonderful student leaders followed by an information session with Ms Bell. Thank you to all the perspective parents that made time in their afternoon to attend.

Ms Sarah Gardner - Deputy Principal Pastoral Care

Mrs Janenell Kennedy - Assistant Principal of Primary

SMC students celebrated NAIDOC Week this week with some powerful learning around the theme, Always Was, Always Will Be. Through a range of talks, storytelling, guest speakers, reading, viewing, experiencing, cooking, playing, listening and sharing, the students gained an understanding of connection to country, history, both local and national and how we are called as Christians to live as models of Reconciliation in our world. We thank Ms Michelle, Miss Zoe, Ms Carlene, Ms Helen, Mr Ricky, Mr Brenton, Mr Gus and all staff who contributed to making this week a memorable one. We thank Scott Wilson for a most powerful talk on determining your own future, rooted in your past, SSJG Heritage Centre for a wonderful learning experience of local history, Miss Michelle for bringing back old time games and our own home made touring company of Helen, Michelle, Carlene and Brenton who shared their experiences and knowledge of key locations in Broome. Our week finished with a delicious sharing of damper and goolil! Well done all!

our Rainbow Serpent we completed at lunchtimes in the library this week Mrs tracey thorn library manager - secondary

Diana Jans - Head of Learning Area - Learning Support at Secondary

Year 8 HASS - Geography - Geomorphic Hazards

This term the Year 8 HASS classes have been learning about Geomorphic Hazards as a part of their Geography topic. This included how Volcanoes, Earthquakes and Tsunamis form. Part of this learning was to demonstrate an understanding of a chosen hazard by creating a 3 Dimensional model. Here are a few examples. As you can see students had fun designing some excellent creations, highlighting the danger and power of the Hazard. Students are to be commended for their effort at recreating them.

Mrs Amanda Davies HOLA - Learning Extension & Follow the Dream Co / Mr Justin Cudmore Teacher Secondary
Extra- Curriculum Learning Opportunities on SMC Secondary Campus

During Term 3 at St Mary’s on the Secondary Campus, we have had record attendance at our after-school Homework Centre/Academic Extension, Follow the Dream and Learning support programs. These are wonderful extra-curricular initiatives which offer all students the opportunity to extend their understanding in key topic areas and to complete or further extend on tasks set during the school day. All 3 programs across the school cater to different students’ needs and age groups, ranging from years 7-12. With food now being served across all areas, St Mary’s College is proud to be supporting our Catholic ethos of being fair, equitable and offering equal opportunity to all.

Many thanks to our wonderful staff both teaching and non-teaching who assist with the smooth running of these programs by always being positive, flexible and approachable, ensuring the best outcome for all students.

As a reminder:

1. Homework Centre/Academic Extension is offered to all students from Years 7-10 and is run by Ms Amanda Davies and Ms Tracey Thorn.

  • When? Monday – Wednesday 2.30 p.m. – 3.30 p.m.
  • Where? Secondary Library
  • What/Who? For all Year 7-12 students needing assistance with their learning or extension, including help with homework. There are always two teachers rostered on and the list of teachers is shown on SEQTA notices and read out during homeroom each morning.

2. Learning Support/Homework intervention is offered to all students Years 7-10 and is run by Ms Diana Jans.

  • When? From Monday to Wednesday 2.30 p.m. – 3.30 p.m.
  • Where? Course 3 rooms and Room 9
  • What/Who?
  • Students undertaking English and Maths in targeted, smaller classroom settings and engage in a computer-based literacy program called Fast ForWord. Fast ForWord is an evidenced based cognitive training program that is designed to improve auditory processing, working memory, attention, language and literacy skills in children, adolescents and adults. Fast ForWord improves learning speed and capacity, enabling more efficient processing of instructional strategies. It consists of engaging exercises based on research into how the brain learns best. The program is individualised as the exercises adapt with every click of the mouse to ensure each participant is always training at the right level while maintaining motivation and confidence. This is the fourth year SMC has been running this program and we have had excellent results. Many students have made on average between 1.5- 3 years growth rate in their reading levels during this 6 month intervention. In addition to this program, students also complete set activities specifically consolidating concepts taught in English and Maths classes through Literacy Planet and Maths Prodigy. Teachers consistently monitor this progress and provide frequent feedback and intervention.

3. Follow the Dream is offered to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students who are reaching the College expectations and are aspiring towards a tertiary qualification. This is coordinated by Ms Amanda Davies.

  • When? Monday- Thursday 2.15 p.m. – 4.15 p.m.
  • Where? H&T room
  • What/Who? This program is sponsored in partnership with St Mary’s College and the Graham Polly Farmer Foundation and offers many benefits such as scholarship opportunities; including the latest Madalah scholarship offering an opportunity for assistance towards St Mary’s tuition costs. Some other benefits include assistance with future career choices, external camps and visits to Universities. External tutors and some members of the College teaching staff come in to offer private tuition to the students.

Follow the Dream NAIDOC morning tea

On Monday of Term 3 in Week 10 Follow the Dream students and tutors celebrated NAIDOC week with a wonderful morning tea and watched a video recording of a speech written by our Head Girl, Isaiah McKenna to acknowledge the theme for NAIDOC 2020 ‘Always was, always will be’.

This video was used in a compilation video on behalf of The Graham Polly Farmer Foundation to celebrate NAIDOC through the voices and images of our leaders of tomorrow sharing their views on this year’s message.

Mrs Amanda Davies - HOLA - Learning Extension & Follow the Dream Coordinator

Ms Tracey’s Library Club

During Term 3, Year 7 and 8 Library Club met each Wednesday at Recess. We discussed the books everyone was reading and which new books we needed to add to our collection. We decided to add some craft activities into our meetings. So recently we have been painting rocks and making bookmarks.

Next term we will be choosing our favourite Christmas themed books, from home or from the library. Each person will present their favourite book to the group and we will then choose one to read together. We will also be making lots of Christmas Crafts in term 4.

Year 9 Library Club met this term Monday recess and after school on Tuesdays. The girls have been so helpful in magically placing all the returns on the shelves. Most of the time I don’t even see them doing it!

There was plenty of just hanging out in the library and occasionally talking books! The girls made a stack of bookmarks which have been very popular during borrowing in class times in the library. We are currently reading “Wilder Girls”.

We will review the book after the holidays, so everyone has had the opportunity to read it. Students can join the Library clubs at any time. Don’t wait till next year, join us in Term 4.

Mrs Tracey Thorn - Library Manager

Mrs Amanda Davies - HOLA - Learning Extension & Follow The Dream Coordinator

Year 10 Retreat

On Thursday 10th of September the Year 10 students attended a day retreat at the University of Notre Dame Hall. During the retreat they were encouraged to see the “Face of Christ” in those whom we serve. This retreat was a chance to focus on the Christian Service Program the year 10 students are completing this year. The Year 10 students were inspired to continue working in our community and to help others wherever they can.

Mr Nik Martinskis - Head of Learning Area - Religious Education

Year 10 Work Experience

Year 10 students participated in Work Experience during last week. A HUGE thank you to all the local businesses that supported our students in gaining an insight into the world of work. Here is what some of our students had to say: “Work experience was very enjoyable and gave me a great perspective of the real world” “Work experience was very interesting and new. The work environment is very different to school” “One of the best experiences I’ve ever had. It was so much fun!”

Marley has been having a great week at the Bird Park learning heaps about animal and bird husbandry, welcoming tourists and dealing with the heat and humidity. Getting to cuddle some goats and ponies helps with that!

Kindly sent by Marley mum - Sue Hayward

Bella and her supervisor April at Kimberly Stolen Generation

Ms Tessa Brennan Teacher - Secondary

Several students hard at it on work experience this week at St Mary's Primary Campus. Students are Nathan, Matilda and Amelia

Mr Stephen Snelson - Teacher Secondary

Keano Nieass hard at it on work experience this week at BRACS.

Ms Diane Popovich - Head of Learning Area, Vocational Education, Training & Careers - Secondary

Yr 11 Excursion - Visit to the Stolen Generation Office

Recently our Year 11 students visited the office of the Stolen Generations. Students were provided with opportunities to talk and interact with Elders and staff covering stories of Australian History relating to the removal of children from their families. Students also watched videos and had a brief presentation provided by members of the Stolen Generations Office. Students also enjoyed a relaxed lunch which provided an informal setting for everyone to mingle and discuss a range of issues. We would like to commend our Year 11 students on the way they represented our College. Also thanks to staff who attended, Mr Nik, Mr Time and Mr Mark Flanagan

Mr Mark Flanagan - Head of House Secondary

Year 11 - Outdoor Education

It was an early Wednesday morning, mid-September 2020, the year had been an unusual one to say the least, but events of the year were not enough to deter the spirits of the Year 11 and 12 Outdoor Education students. We had decided to meet at the break of dawn on departure day, with the aim of being on the road by 6am sharp to enable us to arrive at our destination, Danggu (Geikie) Gorge National Park, around lunch time. With all the expedition gear packed tightly and the kayaks strapped down, it was time to head off on what was sure to be an unforgettable experience.

The plan for the expedition was to launch the kayaks at the boat tour ramp and then paddle upstream approximately 8kms, until we reached ‘Sheep’s Camp’, where we would set up camp for the two nights. This enabled us to explore the remaining 8kms of river the next day, without having to lug all our gear around with us. Needless to say, all paddlers were happy with this plan. Unbeknown to the group, the local tour boat operators were not running, which meant that we only had to share the river with a few fish, birds, and the odd freshwater crocodile. The first day’s paddle was the hardest by far, with several stops needed to hydrate and refuel, not to mention cool off from the hot mid-day sun. The group needs to be commended with how they handled all the paddling, especially initially loaded up with all their gear. The hard-earned experiences are certainly the most rewarding and this resilient group found that out by the end of the trip.

Steven Gregory - HOLA - Physical Education, Stephen Snelson - Teacher Secondary & Tegan Butler - Teacher Secondary
Visual Arts & Textiles

On the 24/9 Year 8 Visual Art and Textiles students collected leaves, flowers and bark from the College grounds and produced beautiful naturally dyed silk scarves. The colours produced ranged from soft yellow and green, to grey and brown. Well done Year 8’s. Ms Marie, Sr Clare and Ms Teagan.

Mrs Marie Little - Teacher @ Secondary
Term 3 - Dojo Point Leaderboard

At the start of Term 3 DOJO point tallies were reset to zero after those amazing students who reached over 100 points we awarded a Subway catered meal with friends. DOJO points are awarded to students who meet the College expectations in terms of Being Kind, Being Respectful, Being Responsible and Being their Best. Prizes are awarded to students when they reach 25, 50 and 100 points, and there are many more exciting things to come. This term there have been some outstanding achievements from our wonderful students. Below are the DOJO point leaders for each year group at the end of Term 3. A massive congratulations to these students for their efforts and thank you to all the students and teachers for their hard work this term. “

Mr Chris Cole - Teacher at Secondary

Youth Mass

Our Lady Queen of Peace Parish held its second Youth Mass and dinner on Sunday! It was wonderful to see our young people undertaking the ministries in the liturgy and gathering together afterwards to hear the experiences of those who attended the Australian Catholic Youth Festival in Perth last year.

Mrs Diana Jans - HOLA - Learning Support Secondary

Soccer Term 4

The Football West and the Broome Soccer Association will be launching a junior and youth soccer program over Term 4.

Kamil Chetty - Kimberely Regional Development Officer

Youth Activities Day

Mrs Rebecca Laird - Teacher Secondary

Positive Partnerships
Mrs Paula Powers Coordinator, Students with Disability Team Teaching and Learning Directorate
Broome North DTC - Dental Heath Services

The Dental Therapy Clinic at Broome North Primary will close for the school holidays & will reopen Monday 12th October. In case of emergencies please contact the Dental Clinic at Broome Hospital on 91952448 & if no answer call 93130555.

A decision has been made by Management that the Dental Therapy Clinic will close every Tuesday & staff will be working from the Dental Clinic at Broome Hospital until further notice.

Wishing everyone a safe & happy holidays.

Sandie MCCaig - Dental Therapist