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Ordinary millennial kid expressing myself through simple and material poetry. Welcome to my public diary and Welcome to forever.

March '17: Year number two - I was all long stares and nervous smiles around you and you so vigorous. Blooming overnight you were a moonflower. Go on, fill your lungs with golden stars and let the love bites turn to scars.

Cali dreaming '16

February 6 '17 - "Holding flowers too tight they're aching. Cascading feelings are the reason our hearts are breaking. A million ways to say goodbye. A million ways we could've tried. Losing things that kept me alive, my hands are shaking."

Bokeh '16

January 6 '17 - "Almost falling asleep, she knows I'm afraid of falling. Gin mixed with her smile and a henessey with a heartbreak."

In the AM- Maputo, Mozambique
This page does not promote smoking.

September 14 '16- "Wanting to get wasted on cheap booze. Wanting to get high on green, to lose the blues. I'm holding onto these thoughts but all they do is make me ache. My spirits are low. Those hickeys still show. But now that hickey is just a bruise and the muse is not the muse.

May 15 '16- "Broken hearts are kaleidoscopes. With a twist, new possibilities. Broken hearts are kaleidoscopes, Vulnerable to sensibilities. Broken is everything, and that's how the light gets in."

Life in the fast lane- South Africa
"We didn't go that fast." - F.D

May 5 '16- "She's an ecstasy, a real life fantasy. Buried in her soul are entire galaxies. Like LSD, she's a cardboard reality. Far-flung and undisturbed, she's an interstellar odyssey."

Costa Corniche '15

May 27 '16- "The lie was not in her words, it was in her silence. She was cheap, not even deep but overflowing with promises that even she knew she couldn't keep."

Summer '13, Kingsley

April 8 '16- "How easy is it for certain people to leave and have your world feel so incomplete. Sometimes we tend to forget that nothing is forever, and that it all just has to sever. All your feelings of love and hate. It all changes and then rearranges."

April 19 '16- "She tells me that her body is a temple and tells me to be gentle. Her innocence is fake and her acts are rebellious. Her eyes aren't green and her tongue isn't pierced. None of which makes her look any less fierce."

"You didn't write that, it's definitely off the Internet." - Everyone

Sincerely yours🌹 -Mahmood Malik

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