A Quest For Magic and Steele (and family)

Almost every week at 8am, the Benson family (and some friends) record A Quest for Magic and Steele, a Dungeons and Dragons podcast, in there basement studio. This Sunday, Brian Giordano and Elisha Mitchell join Dave, Amara, Shayna, and Josiah Benson, after a healthy dose of caffeine, to record Episode 40.

The party discusses its next course of action during the recording of episode 40. (photo/Evan Liss)

The Players, the Characters


Amara, the oldest of the Benson siblings in the game, is the Dungeon Master. She runs the game while playing a couple of her own reoccurring characters, Like Stelli and Scruff.

"I play stelli, I brought her in to just help them, and to guide them, literally she’s blue and she glows. She’s not a normal pixie. We have an older character, like we have scruff, he talks a little shaky, and I shake a little while I do it."
(Character Creations/Karr Leroy @MetaFouric)


Shayna plays Rashondella, a slightly crazy treifling (Half Demon/Half Man), and has a dedicated episode for her backstory "because she has the best backstory," Amara explains. She is also partially possessed by a demon.

(Character Creations/Karr Leroy @MetaFouric)


Brian plays as Geb, the Elven Druid, and is accused of sending the group on tangents, like, as he explains, "trying to play a DND campaign in a DND Campaign."

"Geb just…chills in a forest and protects the woods, but he is actually looking for his lost brother, Gib."
(Character Creations/Karr Leroy @MetaFouric)


David, Father of the Benson kids, plays the Gnome bard, Gnu Gnu. David sits opposite Amera while running the audio side of the podcast through Adobe Audition.

"I'm Little" - Gnu Gnu
(Character Creations/Karr Leroy @MetaFouric)


In a party full of different races, Josiah plays as the human, Escalus.

"the only human in this company, I’m a soldier/guild artisan. Mainly solider."
(Character Creations/Karr Leroy @MetaFouric)


Elisha plays as the Dwarf Wizard, She'Kan, who joined in the fifth episode, mostly because, as Amara explains, "[She] know[s] a lot about DND...[she is] more the person I look to to bring the game back because Brian will go off on a tangent because that’s just Brian."

– She’Kan Waldorff, a dwarf. He was literally inspired by a salad. I was reading the menu of a café and I saw a chicken waldorf salad and I was like, that sounds like the name of a wizard … a lightbulb went on, and now it is a wizard. I couldn’t call him Chicken waldorff, so She'kan sounds like chicken.
(Character Creations/Karr Leroy @MetaFouric)

THe Start

The podcast, which had its pilot episode uploaded on April 18th of last year, started because of overlapping interests between daughter and father. Amara introduced the family Dungeons and Dragons, which seemed like the natural progression from the table top games the family used to play, and David knows the world of podcasting because he does a lot of driving for work.

“Brian and I started playing DnD just after high school… we started on 3.5, then we went to pathfinder, and now we’re finally on 5th edition, which we like a lot. And I knew my family would love it." -Amara Benson (Photo/Evan Liss)
"I love podcasts. We were doing the DND thing...and I started looking at gaming podcasts, and then DND podcasts…and I learned a lot, and I’m thinking because I love acting and voice acting and being silly…and I said, “we can do a podcast…let’s do our own. That’d be cool, I have the sound stuff, I used to DJ, I have all this gear, we could do our own thing.” So we had a family meeting, and we said let’s do the DND one, and we made the Steele Empire, which is our network." --David (photo/Evan Liss)


"I love it because I work a lot and we don’t have a lot of good time together, quality time, from when they were younger, so its cool for me to have them all come together, even the friends, you know? Just to have time together, hang out, have fun doing this." - David
(photos/Evan Liss)

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