Urban Sanctuary Jamaica Bay wildlife refuge

I found my sanctuary in the bay. After staying in the city with someone who offered me a place to stay but no key to access the space, I had to move on to somewhere that gave me a sense of freedom and wilderness, and quiet sanctuary. I found what I needed here, in the Jamaica Bay, along the Brooklyn ocean coast.

Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge

Grounding my energy and sense of direction here seems to have altered me. A Saturday afternoon wandering the ocean side and along the bay seemed to slow time, a continuum made even more lovely by the live music emanating from the city across the water. This dreamy slow-time continuum reverberates still...

Upon my return to Michigan, I still felt an instinct to return to the sanctuary of the bay. Throughout my mid-summer adventure in New York, every moment of urban chaos would yield a vision of the tranquility of the wildlife refuge. As if a wolf, I traveled across the region swiftly. It compels me to wonder whether the coyotes and coywolves (hybrid coyote wolves) have adapted to this urban environment - which may well be true. I'll be sure to watch for signs of their presence...


All photos copyright Dawn Nelson

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