MY GRADE 9 SELF By Winnie Li


Through September to May, I dance four days a week and during the last three months we have big performances and compete in different cities. I love dancing, it has become something I am very passionate about and I honestly wouldn't know what to do with myself if I didn't dance. I took swimming lessons in the summer for about 6 years and after that, I went to beaches all the time to swim for fun. It was good to have swimming lessons because if I didn't I wouldn't know how to swim. In the summer I also play baseball. Although last summer was my first year, I enjoy it very much and I will definitely be signing up again!

Fitness: My score comparisons

My attempt at the vertical jump.

My flexed arm hang and the grip strength are two of my scores that improved the most. My grip strength increased by 7 (52-59) and my flexed arm hang increased by 6 seconds (21-27 seconds). I think they improved because my arm strength has increased due to all the physical activity I have been doing outside of school like, for example, a body conditioning class I take at my dance studio.

Field Hockey: CHallenges of learning a new sport

Me, playing field hockey

A challenging part of learning a new sport is learning the rules. I find that when learning the rules it gets a bit confusing and a little hard to follow, but after playing a few games or rounds I start to understand the rules better. During field hockey, when wee played our first few games I wasn't really sure what was going on and I was a bit all over the place, but after a few games I got the hang of it and started worrying about whether or not I was going to hit someone in the shins instead of the ball.

TRack and field: IF I were to join the team

Me, attempting discus.

If I were to join the track and field team I would participate in high jump. I chose this event because I did it in elementary school and I really enjoyed it. I would work to improved by practicing whenever I had the chance and start getting tips and advice from more experienced and skilled jumpers. I may try other field events such as discus, but I am definitely not a track kind of person.

Football: step by step guide on how to hut a football

Me throwing and catching a football.
  1. First step is to get into the ready position. Bend your knees like you would for a squat position.
  2. Then, holding the football in one or two hands, place the ball in between your legs and keep holding it.
  3. Next, wait for the quarterback to call out "HUT." They may say something else before calling "HUT" like for example "BLUE 42, HUT."
  4. The last step is once "HUT" is called out, throw the football between your legs to the quarterback aiming for their chest.

VOlleyball: WHy is it so popular and how to help a struggling teammate

Me, volleying a volleyball.

I think volleyball is such a popular sport is because it doesn't make you come off the court sweating a lot and it require less effort compared to sports such as soccer or basketball. You also get to play every position on the court because of the rotations. I also think that because of how small the teams are it is much more personal and you can connect to your team better.

If I had noticed one of my teammates were struggling with a certain skill, I would give them some tips and advice that I have received that may help them out as well. For example, if someone was struggling with serving, I might suggest they try an underhand serve with an open hand instead of a closed fist.

badminton: singles or doubles?

Me, serving and receiving a badminton birdie.

I prefer singles because if I lost a match or I overshot the birdie then it would be my own fault, not somebody else's. When I play a team sport, I usually don't like to dwell too much on the what ifs and what could haves, but sometimes it's hard not to get frustrated or angry with your team members and it's never a nice feeling knowing your teammates are angry with you and you start feeling like you've let your team down so if I was playing on my own I would know it was my fault and that nobody else needs to feel blamed for the loss. I also sometimes hesitate when I play not knowing if my teammate is ready for the birdie or is going after the birdie as well, this can be worked on in the future, but it has become a bad habit of mine.

health: the importance of decision making

Decision making is very important because it could determine and change major factors of your life. I think it is important to make good decisions in high school because high school can introduce you to many new things like drugs and alcohol. I think small decisions like whether or not you should start your science project today or tomorrow can have a big impact because maybe something will come up the next day and you won't have time to do your project and then you end up handing it in late or handing in something you're not happy with. Overall I think making good decisions in high school are important because they affect many different aspects of your life.

advice to future grade 9 students

The advice I would give to future grade is to always stay on track with your school work and focus on what is important to you. Try not to fall into bad habits like procrastination or laziness and always try to stay on top of your work, it'll make your life 100 times better if you finish projects and assignments early. If you need help ask your teachers, at the beginning of the semester they will let you know where and when you can talk to them and ask for help. It's hard, but it flies by in no time!

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