"Earth Sets a Temperature Record for the Third Straight Year"

This article explained that 2016 was the hottest year in history, as the annual temperature keeps rising. Over the last three years, the planets average surface temperature rose over .5°F. This is a big increase for the surface of a planet over that amount of time. Due to the El Niño weather pattern and human carbon emissions, the temperature increase was multiplied. Now, most scientists expect sea levels to increase 15-20 feet, but do not know how fast that could happen. This is all coming in the midst of a new president coming into office, who appointed a man that sued the EPA over a dozen times, to head the EPA.

This article is relevant because global temperatures are increasing at an alarming rate, and we are beginning to see the effects. Between rising sea levels and droughts in Africa, Human's are beginning to feel the effects of the changes we are causing. If this problem continues, eventually, coastal cities will be underwater. This problem, if not solved, or greatly reduced, could spell disaster for the human race. The world needs to come together and greatly limit it's carbon emissions, by decreasing its reliance on fossil fuels and nonrenewable energy sources. We need to improve clean energy technologies, and need to continue to step away from fossil fuel production and use.

I choose this article because climate change has been a persistent problem for years, and will play a heavy impact on my future and the world ahead of me. I also hose this article because of the new administration's policies and its commitment to bringing back the coal industry. This article only solidified the mounting argument against this policy, which presents dangers to the environment and our economy. I hope to learn more about renewable energy sources and its benefits and downfalls, and how we can maximize its efficiency. I feel that the renewable energy field will grow and be the industry of the future.


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