Auth's Custom Cut Steaks A Tradition of Excellence

Auth's Steak & Quality Meat has continued it's tradition of excellence since 1875.



Flat Iron Choice Top Blade: Available in 5-10 oz portions

Flat Iron Split & Clean: 2/6#AVG

A well marbled & tender cut of beef. Great for dry heat cooking and best when sliced against the grain.


Sirloin Coulotte

Lean, tender and flavorful. Very versatile and can be used as an entrée steak, kabobs, stews and stir fry.

Available in 6-10 ounce portions


Hanging Tender | Choice | Frozen: 6# AVG

Hanging Tender | Cleaned | Choice | Frozen: 1.5# AVG

Known for its rich, beefy flavor. Not as tender as other cuts but very flavorful.

Custom cuts available.


The favorite.

Tenderloin Center Cut | Choice

Tenderloin Center Cut | Local Angus | Choice*

Tenderloin Center Cut | No Roll

Tenderloin Center Cut | Select

Tenderloin Custom Cut | End to End Plus Tips

Tenderloin Custom Portion Cut | Choice

Tenderloin Head Filet

Tenderloin Portion Cut | No roll

Tenderloin Portion Cut | Select

Tenderloin Portion Cut | Choice

Tenderloin Taper Block Ready Center Cut: 2#avg

Tenderloin | Steak Ready | Chain On | Silver Off : 6#avg

Available in 3-12 oz cut weights.


Bold flavor, perfect for braising.

Short Rib | Bone In | Plate Crosscut

Short Rib | Bone In | Single Bone

Available in custom, 4oz, 6oz, & 8oz cut weights.


A distinctive steak that is one of the richest, beefiest cuts available.

Ribeye | Choice

Ribeye | Delmonico 1 Tail | Choice

Ribeye | Delmonico | Select

Ribeye | Dry Aged | Special Cut 10#

Ribeye | Local Angus | Choice*

Ribeye | Select

Available in custom 6-20oz cut weights.

*Auth's Gold Line


Best results from long & slow braising.

Chucktail Flap Meat | Used For Boneless Short Rib: 10#avg

Short Rib | Boneless Chucktail

Available in 4-12oz cut weights.


Teres Major | Choice | Local Angus*

Teres Major Flattened: Available in 4-8oz portions.

Teres Major | Medallions

Teres Major | Choice: 14#avg

Teres Major | Cleaned: 10#avg

Available in 4-8oz portions.


Steak Strip Center Cut | Choice

Steak Strip Center Cut | Local Angus Choice 16oz

Steak Strip Center Cut | Select

Strip Loin 0x1 Choice Hand Pick: 13#avg

Strip Loin 0x1 Select: 13#avg

Choice Striploin End to End Premium Angus: 14#avg

Strip Loin | 0x1 Choice Local Angus* : 13#avg

Strip Loin 0x1 Local Angus Choice Handpick*: 13#avg

Strip steaks available in 6-16oz cut weights.


Short Loin | Choice | 0x1 Hand Picked*

Porterhouse Choice Steaks: Available in 14-20oz portions

Porterhouse Steaks: Are available in 14-20 ounce portions

Strip Steak Bone-in Local Angus Choice*

Available in 14-20oz portions.


Great bite and beef flavor. Can be cut to be shaped as a fillet or strip.

Bottom Sirloin Flap Local Angus Choice* 16#avg

Beef Steak Sirloin Ball Tip Choice* 50#avg

Beef Steak Sirloin Ball Tip Choice Hand Picked* 16#avg

Beef Steak Sirloin Flap Portion

Beef Steak Sirloin Tip Choice Custom Cut

Beef Steak Top Sirloin Cap On Special Cut Dry Aged 10# Avg

Beef Steak Top Sirloin Filet Style Choice 10oz

Beef Steak Top Sirloin Strip Style Choice 6 Oz

Beef Top Sirloin Choice Center Cut Hand Picked 5#avg

Top Sirloin Steaks are Available in 5-12 ounce portions

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