Reduce food waste at home by growing your own food and learning how to compost food scraps. Do you find yourself tossing spoiled food from your refrigerator more often than you mean to? Ever wonder how much you are really throwing away? You’re not alone—the average Pierce County household throws away more than 150 pounds of edible food each year. Growing your own food, composting food scraps and thoughtful shopping are ways to reduce food waste at home. We offer free classes and resources to show you how!

Red worms can process your food scraps into a compost that is perfect for your garden plants. Whether you’d like to give vermicomposting a try or are interested in more traditional backyard composting, we can help you set up a system to manage your food waste at home—and keep it out of the garbage.

Youth Summit & Pierce County's Young Leaders

As a youth-led initiative, the Youth Environmental and Sustainability Summit (YESS) is a space where the diverse youth network of Pierce County can learn, share and lead. YESS brings together groups of middle school and high school-aged youth from across Pierce County (The April 24 Summit has been postponed. A new date will be shared when available.). The goal for YESS is that students will facilitate workshops and presentations. Each group will formulate a plan of action at the summit to address environmental and sustainability issues in their own school and community. YESS is sponsored by Pierce County Planning & Public Works.

We recently relaunched our school recycling technical assistance program to help schools across Pierce County do an even better job of capturing recyclables at school and teach students proper recycling habits. Our waste reduction and recycling team now conducts hands-on recycling assessments at schools throughout Pierce County and works with the schools to improve internal collection, update materials and teach students and staff what to put into the recycling bin and what goes into the garbage in Pierce County.

COVID-19 has affected shred events. Events that are canceled or rescheduled will be noted on website.