The Train Ride Part 2

As we got off the train all we could (mom and me) see was the beautiful view of The White House/ Washington DC. All the flowers arranged in a special way to impress all the people visiting like us. Each step we took closer I felt my heart pounding against my chest like it was going to burst out. Eventually we had got in and it felt like I was dreaming so now i know what mom was talking about all along. Both of us take our special reserved seats, mom( and I) wanted to see all the action because we are important guests. The loud speaker speaks, "okay folks if we can just get everyone to take their seats as we start our event". I think this is actually happening a kid age my is going to be elected to be the president. I look at the two competitors , one a tall man in a dark blue suit, second, a 14 year old boy my age and size. I think that mostly everyone here had just came to see the boy because in the previous debates it seemed as if the boy had a good perspective on how to take on such a big job. A huge applause takes up the whole room, a welcome comes from the judge that settles down the crowd. "So today in our last debate we have to contestants that their names are Jonathan Hank and Blaine Canteen", the judge speaks again. "Now we are going to have Blaine go first today to start off the debate". Blaine speaks but he gets stopped by the judge because his time is done. I get happy now because we get to see all our favorites contestant. Once his speech is done another huge applause with great pleasure fills the room. "Now it all comes down to this", I say to mom but she is too focused on the event. "So the person that has received the most votes and that will be the new president of the United States is.............Jonathan Hank!! The crowed goes wild, my cousin won the election and is the president of the United States!!!! Me and mom receive huge hug from him. Wow this day just turned into a miracle.



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