Ten Technology Tips emma szabo

1.pop ups keep coming up

you must update software often so you get no virus'!!!

2.If your computer is not working properly

If your computer is not working then make sure that no cables are unplugged, or you might have a virus.

3. is you get hacked

4. If your computer freezes or crashes

If your computer freezes there is a chance your hardware driver caused the problem or your computer is overheating, has a failing hard drive,or components are loose. if your computer freezes the best thing to do is to call someone to fix it.

5. moving as slow as a turtle

If your computer is running slow you might have no more space in your hard drive. one way to get more space is to scan, clean, and optimize your hard drive.

6. Signs of overheating

Helps im on fire!

7. Computer keeps restarting.

some possible causes of your computer repetitively restarting is that windows might be updating and rebooting a lot or you computer might just have mechanical issues.


8.Too many security warnings??

security warnings may mean many things, one thing that might be a reason is your time settings, when the date and time is wrong just go to time settings and it may fix the problem.

9.Email won't work!?

Most emails don't work or open because you don't have the right software for the email, Like PDF and JPEG. One way to fix it is to just change it.

Email ;)

10.Mouse not working?

if your mouse isn't working then you could plug it out and then back in if it has a cord or a USB connection. another way if your mouse is being weird on the computer is put the mouse to your screen and that might work depending on what type it is.

squeek! squeek!


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