Southern Africa Pages 377-396

Land forms and Bodies of Water

1. The three island countries are smaller than the state of Delaware.

2. Comoros, Mauritius, and Seychelles combined area is 1,800 square miles.

3. Southern Africa is bordered by the Indian Ocean on the east, and the Atlantic Ocean to the west.

Land Forms

1. The Kalahari Desert is a vast, sand covered plateau that sits 3,000 feet above sea level

2. A narrow coastal plain lies between the mountains and the Indian Ocean.

3. The Drakensburg mountains are parallel the Indian Ocean coastline for 700 miles

Bodies of Water

1. The first major water river system is the Zambezi. It stretches for 2,200 miles.

2. The second is Limpopo which is the regions third largest river. It flows eastward in an arc.

3. The third major river is the Orange River. It is South Africa second longest river.

Question- Which Type of Landform is Common in Southern Africa
Answer- Plateuas
Tropical Zone

1. Each area gets as much as 70 inches of rain per year

2. Most of the rain falls from October to May

Temperature Zones

1. Most areas are semiarid.

2. Annual rainfall varies from 8 inches to 24 inches

The Sun and Clouds Represent the Temperature
Desert Region

1. The coast along Namib gets very little rain. In some years there are no rain falls.

2. There is an area called the "Skeleton Coast" because many ships used to lose their way through fog and run aground.

This is supposed to be a lizard that lives in the desert.
Question- Why are temperatures in Southern Africa's tropical countries generally not hot?
Answer- There is high elevation and a lot of rainfall

Natural Resources

Question- What natural resource are found in Southern Africa, and why are they important?
Answer- The natural resources are minerals, coal, iron, copper, and uranium. They have created thriving mining industry.
This represents the resources
South Africa's Resources

1. The Republic of South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana, and Mozambique mine and burn coal from their own deposits to produce electric power.

2. The region's rivers are another resource for providing power.

Energy Resource's

1. Angola is one of Africa's leading oil producers.

2. Namibia has oil and natural gas deposits too, but they are slowly being developed.

Minerals and Other Resources

1. Namibia is one of Africa's richest countries in mineral resources.

2. Gold is a leading export for Zimbabwe.


1. Lions, zebras, giraffes, and other animals are found across the region.

2. Poachers shoot elephants for their ivory tusks.

Question- How does deforestation affect the energy supply in the region?
Answer- Deforestation makes more sediment to go into the rivers. This reduces the flow of water and electricity the water

Lesson 2

History of Southern Africa

Rise of KIngdoms

1. There is a lot of trade among the groups. Some groups hunted and gathered. Others farmed and herded cattle.

Great Zimbabwe

1. In the year A.D. 900 the Shona people built a kingdom called Zimbabwe.

2. Zimbabwe is a Shona word meaning "stone houses"

The Mutapa Empire

1. In the 1400s the Shona conquered the region between the Zambezi and Limpopo rivers from Zimbabwe to the coast of Mozambique.

2. The Portuguese arrived and took over trade in the 1500s

Other Kingdoms

1. The Zulu leader united his people in the 1800s to form the Zulu empire.

2. Series of kingdoms rose and fell on the island of Madagascar.

European Colonies

1. Portugal and other European countries began establishing settlements along the African coast.

Clashes in South Africa

1. Dutch and Africans started fighting because the Dutch was pushing into Africans land.

The Union of South Africa

1. Wars gave Britain control of the Cape Colony.

Colonialism in Other Areas

1. British and Boers competed over South Africa and other European countries were competing for the rest of Africa.

Question- Which European country claimed the most territory in Southern Africa in the 1800s?
Answer- Britain
Independence and Equal Rights

1. French rule in Madagascar ended in 1960, making it the first Southern African country to gain independence.

The End of the Portuguese Rule

1. Military leaders over threw Portugal's government and pulled troops out of Africa.

The Birth of Zimbabwe

1. The colony's white leaders who controlled the government formed a country called Rhodesia and continued to rule.

Equal Rights in South Africa

1. The new government started enacting laws that made a system called apartheid.

2. Laws forced black South Africans to live in separate areas called homelands.

3. Countries began placing embargos or bans on trade

Lesson 3

Life in Southern Africa- The People of the Region

1. The largest minority in South Africa is the whites which represent 10 percent of the population.

Population Patterns

1. South Africa has the regions largest population which is about 49 million.

2. South Africa and Angola are about the same size.

3. Zambia is twice the size of Zimbabwe and both countries are largely rural.

Ethnic and Culture Groups

1. The Shona make up more than 80% of the population of the country of Zimbabwe.

2. About 4 million Tswana major from the population group in Botswana.

3. About half of Namibia's people belong to an ethnic group.

Religion and Languages

1. In almost every country most of the people are Christians.

2. Portuguese is the official language in Angola and Mozambique.

Question- What is the main religion practiced in South Africa?
Answer- Christianity
Life in Southern Africa

1. Urban and economic growth is changing many traditions.

Urban Life

1. Luanda holds 4.5 million people.

Urban Growth and Change

1. Luanda has had many problems providing enough clean water for its people.

2. Some black Africans live in the neighborhoods with whites but most live in "townships" at the edge of town.

3. There are at least twelve languages heard.

Family and Traditional life

1. Rural villages are often small consisting of 20 to 30 houses.

2. In many cultures all the people or some are related to the headman or chief by blood.

Question- Where in their countries do most Southern Africans live?
Answer- rural areas
Southern Africa Today

1. Southern Africa's wealth of minerals and wildlife may be the key to its future.

Health Issues

1. Most people do not live past 50 to 55.


1. Malaria which is a tropical disease carried by mosquitoes causes problems in many countries.

2. Malnutrition is a cause of death for infants and young children.

3. South Africa has the highest rates of infant death in the world.

Progress and Growth

1. Angola and Mozambique have continued to rebuild the cities and towns, industries, railroads, and communications systems that have been damaged or destroyed in the civil war.

2. Tourism at national parks have grown with the establishment of stable democratic governments.

Help From Other Countries

1. The United States has used economic aid to strengthen democracy.

2. The U.S. has provided millions of dollars to pay for medications.

Question- Why is life expectancy in Southern Africa so low?
Answer- Lack of good rural health care

The End


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