Pazzaria Productions F.A.Q.


Just what is Pazzaria Productions?

We are an epic, fantasy entertainment company that provides many new and magical forms of media, so that you can...



How long have you been in business?

As of 2018, about ten years.


Where can I see what you offer?

Please visit our home page here...


What is in your future?

Please scroll down to near the bottom of our home page here...


Where can I find out a little more about the creator -

Daniel L Rappaport?

Please scroll down, on our home page...


Do you do everything?

So, Daniel L Rappaport's degree is in digital media, and he is a very curious person! At this time, everything is created by him, save for the fine, gorgeous character art. This was done by Patricia Gresham.


What software do you use?

Quite a lot! For the iBooks, iBooks Author is used. For the animations inside of the iBooks, Keynote is used. For this website, and much of the marketing, Adobe Spark is used. For anything else outside of that (logo design, merchandise design, etc...), Adobe Photoshop is used. For the music production, GarageBand and Adobe Audition are used. For any video editing, it would be done with Adobe Premiere.

Are you on social media?

Absolutely! We are on a plethora of popular platforms. Please go here...


Where can I go if I have more questions?

Please send an email...



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