Workxfamily sarah henrichs

Day 1 : My mom and my dog are almost always the first thing I see when I come home.everyday.
Day 2: My dad’s job requires him to be on the road (a lot) there for I never see him when he works.(except occasionally when he gets off early .We hang out on the weekends though.
Day 3: As I leave for school, I watched my bunny hop around the yard. Since I have to focus on school, I don't get to hang out with him as much as I should.
Day 4: Today as I look out the kitchen window, my mom is working in the yard (which she does all the time) (in her pj’s super early in the morning)
Day 5: I dream to major in some sort of art some day, and even though I enjoy is immensely, drawing is still work because sometimes it can be frustrating and difficult. I ask my mom a lot of what she thinks of my drawing, she always helps.
Day 6: Having pets is a lot of work, but I never regret it.
Day 7: Sometimes I start to dislike all the things my dad makes me to (like make dinner) but then I realized that I shouldn't look at it as work I should look at it as a learning experience for my future.

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