The 12th Tuesday We talked about Forgiviness

Chapter review

In this chapter he recalls his friend and how they had a problem and he was going to say sorry. Soon after his friend died of cancer, this broke Morrie's heart. He tells Mitch that it is as important to forgive yourself as important to forgive others.

The Meaning

The Reason why Morrie is telling Mitch about forgiveness is because to be a successful person you need to know to forgive other and yourself. According to forgiveness is the to pardon or forgive a debt. Also it is giving of the right to hold something to hold against someone when they hurt you. It shows that you are humble enough to say I'm not better than you.

The Images above are my definition of forgiveness the first one is a heart which is a sign of love and one of the things to show is to practice forgiveness. The next one is a cross which symbolizes the christian religion which is when Jesus he showed how he forgiven everyone who attacked him and hated on him. The next one is a picture of friendship which is a good example of forgiveness because to maintain healthy relationships you need to know how to forgive one n other.


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