Notes from the President March 4, 2018

Hello Falcon Families!

I hope that everyone has enjoyed the weekend, and, despite the chilly air, enjoyed the sun!

Important District Information

Intent to Return Forms for 2018-2019

There is a week remaining to submit your Intent to Return Forms for our next academic year. Please remember that these are required in order for us to save your student's seat for the 2018-2019 academic year, and to support us in identifying appropriate available spots during our Open Enrollment window.

We also provide sibling preference, so it is essential that siblings are noted on the Intent to Return Forms. We are able to prioritize seating for siblings during our Open Enrollment window.

Intent to Return Forms are due this Friday, March 9th by 5:00pm!!

The #JPECDifference

We recently shared that we would like to highlight our students' and families' stories that focus on what makes JPEC special. We would like to collect testimonials from students and families to publish on our website and through social media to communicate out the #JPECDifference.

Please share with us your story! Use the following questions only as needed to spark your thinking.

  • What makes JPEC different than your previous school experience?
  • What do you appreciate and value about JPEC?
  • What is special and unique about JPEC?
  • What difference has JPEC made for you and your family?

We are beginning to gather testimonials from our students. See what some of our Falcons are saying is the #TheJPECDifference!

"My previous school experience was not nearly as good as this! I was NOT able to move ahead in my work. I appreciate that I can at JPEC. I value that we have a uniform. It creates less bullying, and its easier to pick an outfit. :) It has made a way for my family and I to find a good middle school, high school, and college.."
"JPEC is so much more different than other schools. The teachers teach their lessons in depth and you are bound to find friendly people sitting right next to you on your first day. This was definitely an experience that was a lot more different than past schools that I attended. The curriculum is also advanced and the extracurricular activities are very helpful."

Help us highlight the #JPECDifference!

Over the next two months we ask that each of our families takes a moment to post on Facebook and Twitter, or other social media account, a highlight about JPEC using the hashtag #JPECDifference. Thank you for your support!

Facilities Feedback

Thank you to those that participated in our feedback survey! Here are the results:

  • Approximately 24% of respondents would be comfortable moving our College Prep off Jackson College's campus
  • Approximately 42% of respondents would be against this move

If College Prep moved off campus

  • Approximately 27% of respondents would prefer to utilize a vacant school building
  • Approximately 24% of respondents would prefer to renovate a vacant non-educational building
  • Approximately 21% of respondents have no preference
  • Approximately 65% of respondents shared a similar concern regarding College Prep students' abilities to take advanced courses if they were in a different location

Falcon Athletics This Week

Monday: 3/05/18

Early College Varsity Boys Basketball Districts Away

  • Lumen Christi @ 7:00 pm

College Preparatory Update

Miss Heather Hillman

Hello Families!

Highlights from the Week!

This week College Prep students enjoyed a Fun Thursday Afternoon to celebrate their hard work and accomplishments on the NWEA exam!

Announcements & Upcoming Events

Dress Code Reminder

We have seen a drastic decrease in dress code violations. Thank you for your support!

As the new term began, we recognized as a staff that certain elements of our dress code were not being enforced strongly or consistently.

We, as a school and a College Prep team, will be making an effort to be enforce the dress code in a more consistent manner. Below is a reminder of the uniform policy. Nothing about this policy has changed from the beginning of the year, it will just be more strongly enforced.

Students have been reminded that Monday-Thursday, they must be in uniform:

Uniform colors: Navy Blue, Grey, White, Khaki, Maroon, Black.


  • Students must be wearing a collared shirt, a turtleneck, or a JPEC Spirit Wear shirt.
  • Students may wear hood-less fleeces or sweaters as long as they are within uniform colors and have either no logo or a quarter sized logo. Students must have a uniform top on under the fleece or sweater.
  • Students may not wear winter coats in class.


  • Students must be wearing slacks with a bottom on the waistband within the uniform colors.
  • Leggings are permitted if they are being worn under a shirt.


  • Dresses/skirts are allowed as long as they are no shorter than than 3 inches above the knee, and are within uniform colors. Skirts must be worn with a uniform top.

We, as a school and a College Prep team, will be making an effort to enforce the dress code in a more consistent manner.

March is Reading Month!

This week's activities are a Focus Group Door Decorating Contest, and a Reading Month Spirit Week!

Overall Reading Goal

Students have an overall reading challenge to read 600 minutes in the month of March, which comes down to roughly 20 minutes of reading per day.

  • Students should log their reading time on the website https://www.biblionasium.com
  • Students will receive their username and password for this website from their Focus Group teacher on Monday if they don't already have it.
  • Students who log 600 minutes of reading will be treated to a Taco lunch on Friday, March 30!

Spirit Week

If students are not participating in a spirit week theme, they must come in uniform!

  • Monday - Read My Shirt Day
  • Tuesday - Book Character Day
  • Wednesday - Wacky Day
  • Thursday - Book Buddy (Twin) Day
  • Friday - Falcon Spirit Day

Door Decorating

Each Focus Group will be assigned a different literary genre, and will decorate their door accordingly. Judging will occur on Friday, March 9!

No School for Students March 14, 15, and 16 for Mid-Winter Break!

CP Year 1 YMCA Storer Camp - March 19-23

  • Year 1 students who do not attend camp are expected to be at school during this week.

Early College Update

Mr. Jonathon Marowelli

Career Center

Enrollment forms for Career Center are available in the main office. Please sign up as soon as possible to best ensure selection into the program of your choice.


Upcoming: March 9th at 5 PM - JAC^3 Principal, Dan Draper, will be coming to make a presentation for all prospective students, in JW 165. If you are at all interested in machining, welding, or engineering, you must attend this meeting. JAC^3 sets students up with good-paying local jobs and pays educational costs associated with earning a college degree. JPEC already has two students participating in this prestigious program!

March 9th

Deadline for 2018-2019 Intent to Return Forms

March 12th - 16th

Early College Spring Break & College Spring Break

March 14th - 16th

College Preparatory Mid-Winter Break

March 21st

Open House from 5:00-6:30pm

April 2nd - 6th

College Preparatory Spring Break

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