The Cycle Of The Rain Drop Named Drop Top .

This is Drop top

One day Drop top wanted to move so she moved to her mansion the ocean.

So she decided this was a great home for her and her soon to be family.
These are her children named Lilly and Willie.

200 years later she was kicked out of her house because she didn't pay her bills. She had to evaporate to the clouds with her kids. So they took the evaporation train.

Her kids had to go to school.

She finally found a smaller house for her and her children.

Her kids loved their new house they were so excited to move in a more cozy house.

Her children were growing up to look just like her.

Lilly and Willie look exactly like their mom.

Drop top got her money back so she moved back to her mansion.

Drop Top was so sad that Lilly and Willie had moved out so she spent the rest of her life in her mansion.
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Krista MUNN

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