Ignite Fest March 12, Chennai

On March 12th, our Bhumi beneficiaries of LES, Artoons, de Step, Speak Out, LEM and Yantra participated together with support of entire BHUMI Chennai family

So, it is time for you to witness it...


to Ignite Fest...

After all the 10 Buses from 19 Bhumi centres and 7 Community centres arrived, the day witnessed...

  • 505 kids from 19 Bhumi centres
  • 89 kids from 7 Community centres
  • 200+ Volunteers
  • Dr. R.R. ELANGOVAN -¬†former ISRO scientist
  • Professional choreographers for the de Step workshop
  • Deccan Chronicle Media
Learning Maths and having fun...
Science Projects exhibition...
Robots in action...
Learning English through activities...
Kids exhibiting their artistic skills...
Dance worksop and Flash mob...
One of the proud moments, we raised Rs.1,62,722 through Letzchange
People behind this spectacle...

Sanjay - Artoons POC

Niranjana - Speakout POC

Parvathy - Lakshya POC

Sudhakar - LES POC

Revathy - LEM POC

Veditha - de Step POC

Saif - Yantra POC

Deepak - Media

Manoj - Security

Divya - Fun Events

Thangaraj - Volunteer Management

Tara - PR and Fundraising

Shiva - Food

Maha - Transport

Arun - Inventory

Priyanka - Venue

Aadhityan - Mentor

Sethu - Mentor

AK - Mentor

Sudhan - Events Overall

Srimanth - Overall

Suren - Overall

Dr. R.R. ELANGOVAN (former ISRO scientist) enlightening our kids
And here we are in the Deccan Chronicle...
Volunteers speak...

Kids personally shared their experience with soo much of joy on their face - Sanjay from Artoons

Last bus left venue as planned :) - Suren from Lakshya

There were so many memorable experiences. Be it seeing the kids answer maths questions so easily when they would struggle to do the same on paper or seeing kids rattle off scientific explanations about their projects, it was so uplifting to see our kids displaying their knowledge without their knowledge! Ignite fest is one big eye-opener as to why every ignite project started in the first place - Our kids are so smart. And IF is an opportunity to display it all! - Rajalakshmi

When various chief guests were impressed with the presentation of the kids. And guard of honour in the end. - Manish from Yantra

Singing for my school kids when they reached the venue. Destep flash mob performance - awesome it was! :) - Srimanth from Yantra

Smile on the kids face when they saw me more than once and said akka I already saw you that room :) - Saranya from Cognizant

Thank You... See you Next Year..
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