#HIGHLIGHTS Superior North Catholic District School Board

During the month of November, our schools focused on the virtue of Justice. The dictionary.com first definition of justice is the quality of being just; righteousness, equitableness, or moral rightness. Students are learning the difference between fairness and justice or equity - What is good and necessary for one is not necessarily needed by another.

One important way students engaged in learning about justice is through the Remembrance Day services held in our schools on November 11th.

The St. Brigid Bison, along with students from coterminous schools Nakina Public School and Notre Dame des Ecoles, ran the annual Nakina schools' Remembrance Day bake sale during the month of November. Selling donated, homemade cookies, cupcakes, muffins, brownies, pies and more, students applied practical math skills while raising money for the Royal Canadian Legion Poppy Campaign.

Thank you to everyone who donated and everyone who took home some delicious sweets. Representatives from each School presented the proceeds, nearly $500, to the Legion during Nakina's Remembrance Day services on Monday, 11 November 2019.

To support collaboration among schools and educators across the geographically large Superior North Catholic District School Board and to celebrate teaching practices and student learning, a short video will be created each month to highlight each school.

For the month of November, Holy Angels School is being featured for their awesomeness!

All classes participated in a variety of activities in recognition of Treaty Week.

Pictured are some of the St. Edward Catholic School grade 1/2 students as they had read the book, “Alex Shares his Wampum Belt” and then they created their own wampum belts out of LEGO!
Students in grades 5 to 8 were most appreciative that two elders from the Red Rock Indian Band - Mary O’Donnell and Judy Wawia were able to visit our school and share their knowledge!

The Grade ⅚ class at St. Hilary Catholic School look forward to their weekly LEGO robotics challenges each week. In pairs, students use their coding, collaboration, and problem solving skills to complete individual challenges. Through trial and error, and a lot of perseverance, these students are able to have their robots move structures, climb ramps, and turn on a dime. The cheers and excitement is infectious when their robots complete the challenges successfully.

Kids Invent Toys is one of the many programs that is available through Head Start in Business.

Head Start in business will offer programming to all of the schools in the Superior North Catholic District School Board. Programming is available to all our students from Kindergarten to Grade 8.

The Grade ¾ students at St. Edward School have the privilege to participate in the 6 week program Kids Invent Toys on Thursday’s during the lunch hour.

The Kindergarten Class at St. Martin School invited Sarah Clowes Technology Enabled Learning Teacher Contact into their classroom to guide their exploration of Ozobot robotics and colour coding and OSMO program.

Students worked collaboratively with their classroom teacher and peers to create different coding tracks for Ozobot to follow. Using the OSMO students worked in pairs to engage with the Tangagram game. The Tangram game is a great way for students to refine their spatial awareness skills in a collaborative environment.

Students at St. Hilary meet every Wednesday and students from St. Edwards School meet every Friday during the lunch hour to explore and engage various coding, robotics, problem solving, collaborative and creative activities.

Students choose an activity or platform of their interest. Sarah Clowes Technology Enabled Learning Teacher Contact is there to support students and help troubleshoot any challenges.

Did you know that if your child is absent from school for a Medical Appointment they can be marked as a General Absence “G” instead of Absent “A”? This is beneficial because a General Absence “G” does not actually count as an absence.

At #SNCDSB we recognize that too many days missed can have a negative impact on a child’s academic success however we also know that living in the North requires us to travel and take time away from school for all kinds of appointments.

The 2019-2020 Enrolment Register states:

Enter “G” for a General Absence day and specify the reason for the absence (type of “G” day absence) in each pupils Daily Attendance Record. The date and the reason must also be entered in the Daily Absence Report (Daily Telephone Contact List) for the school. The following are examples of reasons assigning a “G” day for the absence of an individual pupil:

  • The pupil is absent for medical reasons and has provided supporting medical documentation
  • The pupil has provided supporting medical documentation that would change their absence from a “Regular Absence” (“A”) to and excused “General Absence” (“G”).

Click HERE for a list of Regulated Health Professionals approved by the Ministry.

We encourage you to contact your school via telephone or text before 9:00am to let your Principal or Administration staff know the specific reason your child will be away & provide appropriate documentation if possible so the absence can be recorded appropriately. You may also notify the school of any planned medical absences in advance and request any missed homework to reduce the chances of your child falling behind.

If you visit St. Martin Catholic School in Terrace Bay you will notice their sensory pathway in the hallway. Since the beginning of the school year there have been different pathways from the Kindergarten classroom down the hallway from our classroom to the gym. Pathways in the hall are a great brain break for students. When we are walking down the hall they can hop, zigzag and balance. Doing different movements helps children to build skills like balance, hand-eye coordination, and spatial awareness. Following this path gets our heart pumping and encourages a variety of movement.

SNCDSB is currently collaborating with School Mental Health Ontario and 5 other school boards throughout the province in the development of an early years social and emotional learning resource for parents and educators across Ontario.

The SNCDSB held a focus group to engage parents in providing feedback and sharing their voices and expertise in regards to the content in the resource. The parents involved and the SNCDSB are grateful to School Mental Health Ontario to be included in the process.

Did you know SMHO now has a new and improved website!! Check them out by following the below link: https://smho-smso.ca/

Roots of Empathy has started at Holy Saviour Catholic School in Marathon.

In the Roots of Empathy program, a parent and baby (who is two to four months old at the start of the program) from the community visit a classroom nine times over the course of a school year. A trained Roots of Empathy instructor visits with the family to guide children as they observe the relationship between the baby and its parent. The instructor also visits before and after each family visit to reinforce teachings. There are 27 classroom visits in total in a Roots of Empathy program

We welcome Liz and Emery to our classroom. Thank you, Ms. Kelli, for facilitating and Mr. Nault for supporting this learning experience. The grade 7 and 8's look forward to all the things we have to learn from Emery and her mom over the next several months.

Students and staff from St. Hilary Catholic School in Red Rock gathered together for our annual Operation Christmas Child Shoebox Packing Party. Thanks to the generous donations from our school community we were able to bless 48 children with a box filled with gifts to brighten their day during this holiday season. Older students were paired with younger ones as they filled their boxes with items that they knew the recipients would love.
OPERATION CHRISTMAS CHILD, St. Joseph Catholic School, Geraldton
The St Brigid Bison celebrated the solemnity of All Saints on 1 November. The day began with a Litany of Saints and a special focus on the patron name and birthday saints of students and staff. Students also unscrambled saintly vocabulary and set goals for becoming more holy themselves using saints as role models. The high point of the day was the annual All Saints relay race! This year, Bison had to walk the narrow, oft-wandering Path of the Saints, carry a child like St Christopher, toss a halo onto a newly canonized saint, throw flowers to St Theresa, bowl over the Seven Deadly Sins and finally clean up with St Martin de Porres's broom. The time to beat, by the way, is 22 seconds!

On Wednesday, November 13 St Joseph’s grade 7/8 class participated in cooking for the Elders at the Friendship Centre. We made lasagna, garlic bread and caesar salad. This was the second round of cooking for the Elders. The students had a great time learning common cooking skills that can be practiced at home.

The staff at the Friendship Centre were great in leading the students to discuss the nutritional values we must consider when planning meals and the importance of adding nutritional foods in our daily diet. Each student was given tasks such as chopping veggies, preparing the meat sauce from scratch and preparing the lettuce for the salad.

The Elders were very appreciative and thankful for the great meal. The class received a beautiful thank you card signed by the Elders. Students who were in attendance were very proud of themselves.

One act of kindness can make a difference!

The Gr. 1 students at St. Edward Catholic School were excited to learn about proper handwashing with Thunder Bay District Healthy Unit and their “special light” that shows the “germs” hiding on our hands! Students made posters and then posted them around the school as reminders for everyone to follow proper hand-washing!

"Together We Educate Heart, Mind and Soul."