Cause and Effect Exploration Linda Nuno


Cloves, nutmeg, and mace. Spice was very valuable, much more than gold and precious metals. Only the rich could access it, and that was if your explorers could find it and make it back with at least one shipment.

  • Causes: Spice only grew on a few Islands in the South Pacific East Indies.
  • Effect: Explorers would have to set out and navigate to find these islands and get back alive.
  • Cause: Spices brought in money
  • Effect: Money could be spent on other things such as new technology for navigation throughout Asia and the New World
  • Cause: Countries that did find the islands and had these spices were rich, like for example Portugal
  • Effect: Portugal had monopoly over other countries

LAbor in the new world

Europeans became addicted to sugar, and because it only grew in tropical environments, the Spanish were granted land and forced the natives to work the lands.

  • Cause: Sugar cane plantations in Cuba, Jamaica, Hispaniola, and Barbados
  • Effect: Many American Indians and Africans were taken to work on the Caribbean plantations of sugar canes.
  • Cause:The natives were treated cruelly by the Spanish
  • Effect: Caribbean natives decimated by diseases. And from the treatment received from the Spanish, a Spanish priest names Bartolome De Las Casas went back to Spain and protested for the natives rights.
  • Cause: Spanish conquistadors and other leaders were granted land
  • Effect: The Spanish took over the Caribbean Islands and brought over Africans and forced the natives to work. Starting the slave trade

Triangular trade

A system of trade in the 18th and 19th century from Europe, Africa and the New World (America). It was used to exchange goods, slaves, and precious metals between the countries to boost their economies.

  • Cause: Slaves were brought over from Africa
  • Effect: Slaves increased marketing profit for the white men. They did not have to pay the slaves for their work, therefore making profits out of them.
  • Cause: Mercantilism- exporting of goods and precious metals
  • Effect: Shipments to the New World and Europe brought back money, having a good economy in their countries.
  • Cause: Slaves being captured and kidnapped to be shoved in cargo ships
  • Effect: Diseases, starvation, and death

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