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We are excited to announce that we have been given permission to begin gathering for worship WITH physical distancing. After much prayer, planing, consulting, and investigating, our team has put together a plan that makes sense for our church going forward. Please see the attached document for details concerning our church's plans for the next couple of weeks and how we are going to move into "Phase 1" of our reopening strategy.

We appreciate your prayers, patience, and perseverance and ask that you give careful attention to what is being done so that both our church family and the surrounding community stays safe during this ongoing Pandemic. Please see below for more details

Starting Phase 1:

Over the last several weeks, government and health officials in concert with church leaders from around the state of Virginia have been discussing how to safely allow in-person corporate worship gatherings. Last week, the Governor of Virginia issued an executive order that permits in-person worship gatherings up to 50% building capacity with social distancing measures and other special accommodations that will keep faith communities and the community in general safe. After sitting in on many conference calls with church leaders from our state convention, discussing options and protocols with our advisory council, and spending much time in prayer, our team believes we are ready to move into Phase 1 of our reopening plan that will allow us to host our 11:00am service on Sunday mornings in our sanctuary with special social distancing measures in place (see table above). Beginning May 24th, we will open things up to the church and those willing to attend for Phase 1. Please note, we will continue to offer online live streaming as an option moving forward and want to be clear that during Phase 1 ONLY the 11:00am service WITH physical distancing measures (see below) is being offered (prayer meeting, small groups, and committee meetings will still be through ZOOM as long as we are in this phase). It is also important to remember that there will be no childcare or nursery as long as our church is in Phase 1.

For a video walk-through tour of what to expect during Phase 1, click link below.

Video walk-through tour


• What if I still do not feel comfortable attending in-person when the church is reopened for services/groups/events?

The last thing we want is for anyone to feel pressured into doing something they do not feel comfortable doing as it pertains to in-person meetings during this process (especially for those most at risk). We are totally understanding of those who might not be ready to join us for a service physically when things begin to reopen. This is why during the process of reopening we will still be providing online options for people to view what is happening in-person (i.e. Facebook Live, video recordings on our website, Zoom meetings, etc.).

• What will be different when we first meet again on Sunday mornings at 11am?

To ensure social distancing and to minimize physical contact when we initially open on Sunday mornings, pews will be marked (see signage below) to keep families together while maintaining the proper distance from other congregants. This will ensure that no parties are directly behind or beside each other during the worship service. Also, instead of passing the offering plate, people will be able to drop off their offerings/donations on their way in or out of the sanctuary in one centralized location. Someone will also be holding the door open before and after the service so that attendees do not have to use handles and frequently touched surfaces. Additionally, frequently used places and surfaces will be carefully wiped down with appropriate cleaners so before and after each service.

• Should I wear a facemask when I decide to attend?

To help us comply with state and local guidelines and and in an effort to keep our church family and community safe, we are asking everyone over 10 years of age to wear a face mask if/when they decide to attend our in-person gathering on Sundays at 11am.

• Will the restrooms be available?

The only service being held in Phase 1 is the 11:00am service that lasts around an hour. We ask people to plan accordingly and to, as much as possible, refrain from using the bathroom facilities during this phase. That said, the restrooms adjacent to the foyer will be available if/when necessary.

• How are decisions being made for the church concerning which phase we are in/moving to?

The advisory council in concert with Pastor Jeffrey Dickson is looking at state regulations, medical professionals, and advice given by the SBCV for guidance. After careful deliberation, consultation, and prayer, this team is determining what makes the best sense for our church as we navigate this process. If/when changes occur, new executive orders are released, or new threats emerge, this will be communicated in a timely manner with the church. They appreciate your prayers for wisdom and are available if you have questions/considerations. For the best and most up-to-the-date information, see our church’s website at www.crystalspringbc.com.

• What can I expect to see?

Appropriate signage that encourages physical distancing measures during this phase has been placed in and around the sanctuary for everyone’s safety. We ask that if you choose to attend you respect this signage and follow its encouragements as we comply with appropriate protocols.

Helpful Things to Keep in mind as we Move Forward with Phase 1

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