California Gold Rush By: Rayne Guinta

The California Gold Rush started in January 24, 1848

Gold was found by James W. Marshal at Sutters mill and when people found out 300,000 people moved to California.

Because of the Gold Rush, immagaration and income shot up for America.

The first people to here about the Gold Rush were the people from Oregon, Hawaii, and most Latin Americans.

The people arriving were Americans but it attracted people all over the world that came by boat and over land.

Prospectors retrieved the gold from rivers and streams using techniques like panning, because mining cause environmental harm. They still used mining.

What they retrieved back then is worth tens of billion of dollars today.

More companies made a lot more money by increasing the technology they started to use.

The Gold was found in San Francisco that inspired the name 49ers NFL football team.

Since so much Gold was retrieved during the gold rush, they found less and less gold every year.


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