Mr. Stick and Mr. Chicken By: Megana anc Yuxin

We were given the assignment to create a musical instrument using materials in the classroom as well as anything we brought from home. We were not assigned to anyone specific so I decided to partner with Megana. I chose her because I work well with her; we don't get in fights and she does not annoy me and she is my friend=WIN WIN! When we came together we were not sure what instrument to create so we went online to search DIY instruments. We found how to make some drums so we decided to create the simple DIY drum. That was our only priority at the time but later I decided to create a rain stick that spins around. We named them Mr. Stick and Mr. Chicken.

We used a cup found in the classroom and got to work. We experimented with different materials to use as the top of the drum besides tape. I saw Callum with parchment paper so Megana and I used it as the base of the top of the drum. Mag Ana also had the idea to use tin foil for a base (that would have been great) but we were unable to get it. For the drumstick, I taped a bunch of fat popsicle sticks together but later figured pencils would be a more of an ideal choice.

When we finished the drums we realized we had more time. We figured we could do a rain stick so I thought we could make it a sinning rain stick. So we got to work finding materials. We knew we needed a tube to sit in the middle of the stand so we looked for a plastic tube in the bin. When we realized we would not be able to put a hole in the plastic tube we found a cardboard tube and a cap that fit perfectly for the lids. We glued one of the lids down and left one unglued so that we can add things inside. We put everything from googly-eyes to small wooden pieces inside the tube. We also put smaller sticks in the sides for extra noise.

At one point, Alyssa came over to us to check out what we had done. She suggested us use a hand cranks so she made it for us and helped up adjusted it to properly fit our contraption.

It worked well so we decided to keep it. The crank and the spinning worked but we felt that it would be better if the stick was glued in but we were worried that it would then not fit in the box. But it fit, so that all worked out fine.

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