Good Life Tour of the Harn By: Jamie Bauman

One of the paintings really stood out to me. The painting was of a woman on a white bench in a long dress with flowers. There were also flowers in the background and on her head. She was wearing a long gold necklace and her hands were in her lap. This painting was of Frida Kahlo. I do not believe this piece would have stood out to me as much if I did not see it in person. Since I saw it in person, I was able to better understand and appreciate the work because I was able to really look at the details of the piece. Also, since I saw it in person, I realize how talented the artist was. I was extremely impressed by how well done the painting was and I do not think I would have noticed this if I did not see it in person. I found the technique of the artist to be extremely striking. The artist was very precise and detailed in the painting. Also, the artist used flowers on many parts of the painting which I found to be very interesting. These techniques created a very calm environment for me and communicated a message of what seemed to be meditation. The artwork made me feel calm yet excited. I was calm because of the flowers and the way the woman in the painting was sitting. This reminded me of meditation and relaxation. I was excited because I felt the painting was extremely impressive and intricate and I really enjoyed looking at it.

Medium of Art/ Technique of the Artist

There was one wing of the museum that stood out to me the most. This was the wing with women artists from the 20th Century. It was called Intra-Action. I found this part of the museum to be very appealing because it demonstrated how women have changed the course of artwork over time. All of the artists in this wing of the museum were women which I found extremely interesting and inspiring. The women portrayed gender stereotypes and gender identities in their works which was very powerful. The artwork that stood out to me the most was the dollar bill with a dotted line through it about 2/3 of the way. Underneath this picture it said, "Women in America earn only 2/3 of what men do. Women artists earn only 1/3 of what men artists do." This really spoke to me because I find it appalling and unfair for women to get paid significantly less than men for doing the exact same work. This work is from 1985, however, we still experience gender inequality today and I think it is important for people to be aware of how unfair that is to women. Furthermore, the set-up of this exhibit appealed to me because it was very spread out unlike the other exhibits where everything was pretty close together. Overall, this exhibit made me feel determined to eventually have women treated as complete equals to men.

Design of the Museum
Design of the Museum

An artwork in the Harn that appealed to one of my core values was the picture called "Manhattan" by George Grosz. This appealed to my core value of happiness. I have lived in New York my entire life and I love it there. I do not think I can ever get sick of it and Manhattan is my favorite place in New York. There is always something to do and I am always happy when I am there. Personally, my sister just moved to Manhattan so I love it even more because I enjoy visiting her and exploring the city. The buildings help to remind me where I am in the world. There is no place that looks like Manhattan and it is such a unique and beautiful place. The piece of artwork instills happiness in me but also nostalgia. I love Manhattan and I am always happy when I am there but now that I am in Florida, I really miss home. This work made me think of home and how amazing of a place Manhattan really is. The art helped me to better understand that I should cherish my time in New York since I am now in Florida for most of the year. I really enjoyed this piece of art overall and it was my favorite in the museum.

Art and Core Values
Art and Core Values

An artwork in the Harn Museum that I believe conveys the theme of the Good Life is called "Sheep Wranglers" by Justine Kurland. I believe this piece of art depicts the good life because it shows a bunch of girls hanging out in nature and just having fun. There is also a herd of sheep in their vicinity but the girls do not seem phased by them. Kurland explains how this is an "idyllic pastoral setting". This helps to portray the good life. In my opinion, the good life is relaxing and being with family/friends outside just being yourself. That is exactly what this piece of art is. All of the girls are talking and playing games outside. This is the good life. Overall, the good life theme in this piece of art is the ideal image. These girls seem as though they have no worries or responsibilities and they are just having fun. This adds to my appreciation of the theme because I can see what it is like to be an extremely happy and care-free as seen in this piece of art.

Art and the Good Life

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