plate boundaries ashley hill


convergent plate boundaries are formed when two plates move toward each other . the type of stress found at convergent plate boundaries is called comparison this can happen with Continental to Continental or ocean to Continent. there are different types of landforms that form near convergent plate boundaries such as mountains volcanoes and trenches are formed when a Continental hits a ocean plate.

earthquakes can also occur near convergent plate boundaries.

Fort Tejon; January 9, 1857

Magnitude 7.9

the Fort Tejon earthquake caused larger plate movement than the 1906 earthquake. The earthquake , shook the San Andreas fault. the earthqauake was felt throughout northern and southern California and as far east as Las Vegas. One person died when an house collapsed.


divergent plate boundaries are formed when two plate move away from each other. the type of stress found at divergent plate boundaries is called tenison.

different types of landforms are formed near divergent boundaries such as volcanoes and mid ocean ridges

mid ocean ridge

rift valleys are formed when a Continental plate moves away from another Continental plate

rift valley

After a large eruption on December 16, the volcano has been explosioning almost everyday. on January 4, the volcano produced another explosion.

The Alaska Volcano Observatory put out a map that show the changes to the island, the eruptions destroyed part of the island and added more land, in the form of volcanic debris.


at a transform plate boundary two plates slide past each other causing earthquakes. the type of stress you find at convert plate boundaries is called shearing this is also what caused the san andreas fault to form.

san andreas fault

The San Francisco earthquake and fire on April 18, 1906,killed about 700 people and caused millions of dollars worth of damage. The earthquake was felt as far away as Oregon and central Nevada. The earthquake, which was estimated at a magnitude 8.3.


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