Disney’s Magigestive Theme Park Developed By: Lance Cook, Abishai Mark Gundy, and Joaquin Reyes

Why Our Park is The Best:

Our park, proposes to Disney and it's park users a good understanding of the digestive system. While informing park users, the park also entertains them with the fun of rides, food stands, and positive environments. This plan proposes an efficient park that accomplishes all that is asked for. It has a good potential for the park's visitors to learn about the digestive system, all in a fun way and manner. The park is great for people to have an interactive experience with the alimentary canal and accessory organs, all while having a fun experience.

The entrance is made up of a tunnel, resembling the mouth and a water slide, known as the Esoslide. The tunnel that leads to the slide is at an elevation to allow for an enjoyable experience. This entrance represents the mouth and esophagus, which serve as the opening through which food enters the body. The mouth also has a large fan with water, spraying and cooling the people.
The Liver, known in the park as Livtube, is a Small tubing ride in which the riders are taken into the body of water, move into the gall bladder region, and exit the ride upon reaching the small intestine region. The Gall bladder region is the final “bay” that gets the people to exit the channel for the tubing ride Similar to the structure of the liver, which creates bile, and passes it onto the gallbladder to excrete into the small intestine right after the stomach.
The Small Intestine, known in the park as Wild twister, is a twisting turning ride to dry off wet riders moving from the water section to dry section of park. It removes moisture on riders and removes their sweat. Similar to structure of small intestine, as the small intestine curves/twists all around and absorbs some water, nutrients, and toxins.
The large intestine, known in the park as the wind tunnel ride Quick Wind, is a machine that dries off users. Similar to large intestine, as the large intestine absorbs water.
The stomach, known in the park as the Gut Twister, resembles a spinning cylinder on top of another stable cylinder. The ride represents the stomach, as it "churns" the people up and pushes them all around the body of the ride. Similar to how the stomach churns the food, the ride moves the people around in the body of the ride.
The gift shop is the final waiting area before the people exit the park, through the Denouement Tunnel. This shop resembles the anal canal, as it the final area before people/feces are pushed out.
Juice Shop, is the pancreas. The Juice shop is a place that visitors can buy drinks. The pancreas creates pancreatic juice and digestive enzymes The liver, pancreas, and gallbladder are all accessory organs to the digestive tract, so we have decided to have separate domains for those rides.
Involuntary Muscle Response, known as the SlingStone Hercules. The SlingStone Hercules is the ride that represents the ability of the involuntary muscle system. This ride spins out of control and pushes people forward, just as the involuntary muscles are uncontrollable and push food through the alimentary canal.
The Merry Rounder is a ride that is currently closed. It represents the digestive disorder: Constipation. Just like the food when having this digestive disorder, the ride is stuck and won’t function properly. Normally, it spins around, takes people on and takes them off. However, the ride is messed up, and like the digestive disorder, it is not able to do its job.

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