Sott' acqua Our utopia

Our utopia is located underwater under the Bahamas in the atlantic ocean.
To to get into our community you will have to find a pearl hidden somewhere on earth.
Once you have arrived you will ride a boat to the destination and ride an elavtor down into the dome.
Our utopia is an ecological utopia.The purpose of this utopia is to admire the beauty of the sea and get a new living experience.
Recreation:surfing,boating and, many more.
The utopia will run on renewable resources
For food we will fish and trade the citizens of the Bahamas for food.And we will also grow food underwater.

The government will consist of three council members who will make most choices of the community.

There will be many variety of choice when it comes to housing,which will be located underwater in the dome.


Created with images by Tiago J. G. Fernandes - "Surf Algarve"

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