Retouch Image My son Henry

This is the original photo, where I will take out my son and replace the background with a football background.

Original photo

The first thing I did was use the quick selection tool to select my son Henry, who has the football. I then used the refine layer mask to refine the spaces on where I was not able to cut him out correctly. I then used the radius, opacity, and the output settings.

I then added another layer to add the background of the 50 yard line. This went on the bottom. Once I placed my photo on top of my background layer. I then went and focused on his face. I used the rectangle Marque which entered me into another layer so I placed the square on his face, then used the brightness and contrast to lighten up his face.

I then went into another layer and adjusted the levels hue in the adjustment panel. I then added another layer and adjusted the curves.

Hope you like it.

Here is my finished product

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