Balsa bridge By zach


Back then bridges were made out of logs tied together with rope. We added mound dirt to help hold bridges together. Bridges were used to cross small rivers. Nothing bigger than 10ft long. Only one car at a time would be able to cross.


Now we use metal to build our bridges. Our bridges can cover rivers as big as the 200ft wide. Now our bridges are also stronger than ever. They can carry up too like 100000 lbs. we have famous bridges like the golden state bridge which the nba team the warriors named there team after.


Bridges in the future will be stronger and more efficient in the future. Maybe even easier to make so less injuries can occur while making them.

These are the different structures.

Day 1

I drew all my 6 sketches and I decide on the example coach Spodick had on the first design.

Day 2

I made a side front and top view of the bridge I choose

Day 3

Start my final draft sketch of my side view. I have my lines a 1/8 inch thick and tomorrow I will start my measurements

Day 4

I have measured my bridge andan labeled it. It ended being 133.6 inch so I had over a 100in to use on the crossbars.

Day 5

I have started my top view and added the cross bars and labeled weather it is too or bottom.

Day 6

I have label all the measurements on the cross bars and it added up to be 77in so I had a little over 20in to spare.

Day 7

I am waiting for my partner ( Alonzo ) to finish so we can decide who bridge to do. So why I wait I will work on my spark page and bold all my titles.

Day 8

Today we started building our bridge. We just did the outline. Tomorrow we will start on the bottom part and the straight line in between

Day 9

During wild cat time Alonzo was able to get some more done. I started on the bottom part and the little triangle at the top.

Day 10

We finished our first side view and will start on the second. It looks good so far I think and I hope it does good.

Day 11

We started the second side view and are almost done.

Day 12

We finished both side views and we will start the top view tomorrow and hopefully be able to test by Friday.

Day 13

TODAY WE TESTED YEAH!!! It held 15lbs

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