We have data, metrics and dashboards on everything... But you have a giant blind spot. You are not tracking the very fuel source that brings your organization to life... your human capital.

You have tried corporate wellness and workplace optimization, but quantifying their effectiveness is a bit of a guessing game.

But now you can be SCIENTIFICALLY CERTAIN where the collective resilience is at on the spectrum of stress and what interventions actually move the needle.

Allow REVITA5 to give you the X-ray insights you need and shift from being overwhelmed to optimized.


REVITA5 is a health and performance solution that helps manage attrition, burnout and stress.

REVITA5 Includes:

  • REVITA5 Tracker that helps individuals increase health and performance
  • REVITA5 Group Analytics that monitor collective trends over time

The rapid pace of corporate life leaves most organizations feeling drained, exhausted, and struggling to stop the financial bleeding related to attrition and health care costs.

With REVITA5’s simple and effective HRV Tracker your employees are able to know exactly where they are at on the spectrum of stress and receive customized lifestyle recommendations to increase their health and performance.

Using REVITA5’s Group Analytics you will be able to see where the entire company’s resilience is at, empowering you to time and support company wide efforts to perfection.


We analyze the heartbeat of your organization using Heart Rate Variability (HRV).

Heart Rate Variability (HRV) is a biomarker that transmits subtle yet powerful messages about a person or group’s needs and their ability to handle challenge.

By using HRV, we are able to analyze the autonomic nervous system to see exactly how stressed a person or group is on any given day.

From there, REVITA5 determines superior ways to expedite recovery through simple and effective lifestyle recommendations.

The result is increased health and optimized performance.



We get your workforce set up with our REVITA5 Tracker.

They begin to take their HRV Scores daily.

We aggregate the collective data (keeping individual’s data completely private, of course).

Deliver you Group Analytics about how each department’s resilience has trended over the last quarter.

You learn from any missteps of the past.

We help you plug up potential inefficiencies of the future.

You win. The End.


You can’t improve what you do not measure.

REVITA5 Group Analytics will help you quantifiably see how health, resilience and readiness to perform has trended each quarter so you can know EXACTLY when your organization needed more support and where you were primed for big efforts.

With this level of perception you will be able to capitalize on the invaluable data of the past to plug up the cyclical energetic leaks of the future, which will put you at a performance advantage for the long haul.


TECHNOLOGY IS RAD, and innovating is one of our favorite things to do. But without the right intention, technology can be used to divide and isolate us rather than connect and unite us.

REVITA5 is data driven, but heart centered. It is our intention to help you create a profoundly resilient and vibrant workforce.

But, you cannot do that simply by giving people a cool new wearable and send them on their way. There has to be a human component… a living breathing support system to encourage, troubleshoot and motivate your people as they endeavor to change and transform their habits.

That is why our solution includes 5-week programs and real life coaches to hand hold the process and bring the REVITA5 experience to life.

Additional human touch points include:

Coaching Calls | Live Kickoffs | Workshops | Email Support

About the Founders:

Jessica Corbin and Kristi Britto founded REVITA5 with the intention of curing the human energy crisis through data driven technologies that empower people to become profoundly resilient in body, mind and business.


REVITA5 HQ located in Silicon Beach. 181 Pier Ave., Santa Monica, CA 90405


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